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  1. ohnonotshoppingagain

    60s revival, loved the 60s.....

    Nice to see Chuntley has been sporting her new shorter hair style. It’s lovely to see the 60s hair again. We see QVC showing some 60s in their fashion lines too. I loved being a teenager in the 60s. Going into record shops and listening to the hits of the day in the little booths before...
  2. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Outdoor living & garden🤔😡😄

    Is Richard going to retire and live on his millions, or is he already semi-retired. Another thing don’t you find it amazing that when the presenters are talking about anything diary or gardening related, Richard related, which all without exception, have relayed to us, described to us...
  3. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Moda In Pelle

    I absolutely love this brand. If you do too check out their own website. Many bargains to get on their terrific sale items. Better prices last time I looked on those sales than QVC 50% off mid season...
  4. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Made in China😡

    When I buy something online, I always enquire if it is made in that country. I strongly resent not having the choice. This is me, and a personal choice. it seems to me that from pinheads to just about everything large and small, it us either in whole or in part “made in China”. I am...
  5. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Skincare in general!❤️

    I absolutely love skincare face and body! I have cleansed, toned and oiled, moisturised since I was 14 years old, starting with Lancome, then Clarins adding and subtracting throughout the years. I come from a Mediterannean background, and saw at a young age how relatives who lived in the sun...
  6. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Crafting with Anna Griffin.😥

    I noticed while browsing channels to see what is on later tonight, that “Crafting with Anna Griffin”, is on. No idea when any crafting was last on QVC especially that there is a whole dedicated channel to crafting, but I must ask the question are QVC losing the plot.😡 well here is one viewer...
  7. ohnonotshoppingagain

    H. Forman Food.

    I have often watched the food presentations, and enjoyed them. There is no way on this earth I would pay some of these prices. £22 for two bread and butter puddings. £32 for two cheesecakes. Similar prices for fish fingers and fish cakes. They must be raking it in. In an expensive...
  8. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Richard Jackson and Michael Perry.

    These two must be well known in England, but before joining QVC all those years ago, I had never heard of Richard Jackson. I do, however, love the gardening shows. Fast Forward and we have since last year the presence of Michael Perry, once again until his appearance on Q I'd never heard of...
  9. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Lulu Guinness Bags.

    QVC SMALL FRANCES ORIG £318.00 NOW £279.96 4 EASY PAYS LULU GUINNESS WEBSITE SAME BAG SAME SIZE WITH REDUCTION FROM £325 TO £162.50 only in black, for anyone interested. l do like some of her designs but I don't like embelishments on any bag i.e. lips or big hands.
  10. ohnonotshoppingagain

    The phones are literally in meltdown for .......

    How many times have we heard that said, I wonder. So much for all the hype on this particular occasion it happens to be Luxform garden lights - which I don't rate, apart from anything else, these are 10 a penny in most good garden centres as witnessed by myself. So, on the various items and...
  11. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Claire Sutton

    Sorry folks, here am I on my hobby horse about this awful churlish woman. I switched on because I enjoy some of the fashion hours, and thought it would be Kathy - low and behold the Sutton woman, springing at me like a 15 year old - when does this woman ever speak like an adult. If this is her...
  12. ohnonotshoppingagain

    White Coat syndrome!

    :mysmilie_51::mysmilie_51:Suppose everyone else feels the same as me - what is it with these bliddy white coats - they neither inspire me, or impress me. The only people who should wear white coats don't appear on QVC.
  13. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! nauseam

    Sorry if I'm on my own here, but after weeks of hearing certain presenters repeat the above phrase to the limit, and on almost all very excited as if they've just discovered the 'benefits' of something they have presented on numerous occasions, pretending as if it's the first time for them...
  14. ohnonotshoppingagain

    what QVC is selling!!!

    I am one of those people who for the life of me, cannot comprehend who would buy, let alone why QVC are selling certain items that are widely availabe outside of Q. I'll highlight only 2 - but there are far more. Chruchill's biscuits - sorry why do they sell them on air, they are widely...
  15. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Hair Pieces.

    Now, we could all do, from time to time, with a nice addition to our hair, I know I could. But, has Ken Paves sold his hair piece line? It seems to me that on QVC there is now HairUWear and 'Toni Brattin' - to me, maybe I need new glasses, these pieces both look like, and are made the same...
  16. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Links of London, Orla, Kipling and Lola Rose.

    Sorry folks, but I hate all of the above, and to the last detail very very overpriced. Anyone agree? I personally like yellow gold only, so would never aspire to silver or other white metals, which so many seem to like, but not for me. Lola Rose although semi-precious, looks like play...
  17. ohnonotshoppingagain

    Attitudes by Renee (in General)

    Whilst with one exception this range doesn't suit me, and mostly I dislike it. However, of all the ranges featured on Q in the trouser department hers are the only ones that not only look good on me, but fit me the way I like, all the others when ordered, I've had to return. Saying all of...
  18. ohnonotshoppingagain


    I was just wondering how I put a picture on my profile, or an icon thingy?
  19. ohnonotshoppingagain

    John Barrowman?

    Just sitting here this evening and thinking aloud, haven't seen John on Q for a very long time - he used to be on such a lot, and also even when he wasn't showing his products, he was still on long before he brought those to Q. I wonder why we don't see him at all now - any ideas (apart from...
  20. ohnonotshoppingagain

    "W're getting questions!"

    Now call me a cynic, but it seems to me that when I hear those words spoken, normally after only a few minutes of an airing, I don't believe they are ''getting questions'' or if they are, they're coming from the producers to further hype something, something which may not be selling as well as...

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