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    X-Ultimate Pro Drone. New kind of GPS?

    Watching this Drone on TV, and seeing it drift all over the studio, I am very interested in the new GPS technology it is said to use. Being the owner of the fabulous DJI Mavic Drone with UHD video so steady, you would think that the Camera were on a very tall tripod, but will not receive GPS...
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    Xtreme Drone. Another Drone bargain?

    Ideal have been busy sourcing yet another Drone deal for the Christmas market. This time it's the Xtreme Drone at a mere £119.99 + £5.99. Hold on a minute. On seeing this...
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    That flippin' EEPC radiator rip off yet again!!!

    Before you get suckered into buying these crazy priced radiators, please read the article from the following link. I really hate this channel lately, they just have no integrity or conscience what so ever. They make...
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    Electric Radiators. HOW MUCH?!!!!!!

    How much would you pay for a couple of electric 1000 watt Radiators, £40, £50? Ideal World have a great deal for you. Good old Bid TV presenter Mikey Mason is selling them now for only £650. That's one for full price, and the second one for half price. Other wattages are available for higher and...
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    At last, a response to my ASA complaint.

    I complained to ASA well before christmas about the Christin Lars watch which I saw being sold by Adam Heppenstall. This presente, who must have known better, claimed that the stainless steel watch had a sterling silver bracelet. The on screen graphics also stated the same thing. Here is the...
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    Dupont is back!

    This time it's ST Dupont, or is it SJ Dupont? Guy Kean was selling this a little earlier. Notice the font on the bottle is different to the font on the box. Obviously a quality product!
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    At last the truth...

    ....about the GT Precision watch. Over the past year or so, sit-up have sold literally hundreds of this model watch. Up until the past few days, it has always been presented on screen, with the claim (lie) that the watch never needs a battery, as it is powered by te movement of the wrist. As...
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    What happened to...

    ....Bid plus and speed-auction on freeview? They didn't last very long!!
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    I must be losing it, I bought from bid today!!!!

    Yes it's true. I actually picked up the phone and bought a pair of Pennine Ridge all weather Boots this very afternoon. What am I doing? I need serious help!
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    Anyone heard of

    Just found their ebay shop. They appear to be selling the tat I see on sit-up. Any connection I wonder?
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    Merry Christmas All.

    That's it really. Just have a Merry Christmas :mysmilie_378:
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    I actually saw a bargain on bid today!!!!!!!!!

    I saw Guy Kean sell a Klaus Kobec Watch this morning for just over £27 with a promise of a £10 discount on a future purchase. I actually thought it a good buy. I might have bought it, but have far too many Watches already. This is a link to the same Watch on ocean tree trading on ebay...
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    Lies, damn lies, and sit-up tv

    Whilst getting ready to go out last night, I had price-drop on the TV. My ears pricked up when I heard Adam Heppenstall say, he had a Cristin Lars Watch for sale which had four Diamonds and a STERLING SILVER BRACELET! What I thought, a Cristin Lars with sterling silver bracelet! I looked at my...
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    More Yarviks tonight!

    Mark Ryes said just a few minutes ago, that he is going to be selling the Yarvik tablet tonight. Well this must be the very last ,of the very last, of the very last of their stock! He also informed us all, that it's going to be the coldest winter in 100 years. Must be a lot of those shoe spikes...
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    Christin Lars Watch with four encrusted Diamonds...

    ....coming up soon on bid. Question is, what are these Diamonds encrusted with Hmm?
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    Diamond Encrusted Chrsitin Lars Watch.

    Andy Hodgson is shortly going to sell a CL Watch which is said to be Diamond encrusted. Imagine that, a Watch which is smothered in real Diamonds! This must be worth an absolute fortune must it not?
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    Gold Colour Cherubs.

    Well Sir Peter has been at it again. A short time ago he sold those tacky gold colour cherubs. The wily devil took the opportunity to go into his usual worry angel spiel, and how they have helped him in this, his arabis boranalus! What?????????? He not only called these objects, cherubs of the...
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    Russell and Opium Perfume

    He's selling Opium Perfume, and he says, on the box are Opium Leaves! :mysmilie_15: He tries so hard to sound intelligent, but is so dumb!!
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    Radio And TV Dongle.

    A couple of nights ago, I saw Steve McDonald shift over 800 of those Dongles for around £20 each. We got the old spiel about all of the sport and movie channels which can be received by one of these tiny marvels. He actually said that you can get around a thousand film channels! Yeah right...
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    Avi8 Watch with cacophony of sound!

    Good old Peter Simon just sold another Watch with a cacophony of sound. Well it went for a tenner, so maybe you could live with the racket that it makes at that price?

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