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    TJC selling everything but jewellery?

    I wonder what they're playing at - selling food cleaning stuff cheap tacky clothing skincare tacky ornaments - are they phasing out jewellery i wonder?
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    Help! How do you order from ideal world?

    IV never ordered from ideal world before. Wanted to get an Emma mattress - on TV there's no phone number just a caption telling you to go to the emma mattress website ( which is selling it £200 more. ) On ideal world website you can watch live TV but nowhere to order it. When i tried to find it...
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    Tjc brooches

    If you are into brooches/pendants check out the tjcs £9.99 and £4.99 range VERY similar to B+W overpriced range at qvc.
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    Gemporia chat show

    Whenever i switch to gems TV its gab gab gab - never any sign of what's for sale then it switches to Steve Bennett on location so i give up. They must be doing well to spend so little time actually trying to sell anything!
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    Tjc buyers presenting

    Stick to your main job buyers! Nobody wants to see sour faces shouting gobbledegook incoherent rubbish like you're in some third world market place while the professional presenter has to sit there like a spare part. Big turn off!
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    Qvc presenters inappropriate dress

    After watching Debbie flint wearing unflattering leggings and a short top put me off buying what she was wearing. It's ok to wear fashion that's skin tight if you are over the hill but in good shape but honestly! Do they seriously think viewers want to look like that! Julia Roberts is another...

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