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    Jill Franks and arithmatic

    JF just said you can have six different looks with a RFM bracelet. Eg All brown, all grey, half brown half grey! That is three Jill. Maybe if she stopped flirting like an adolescent she would think a bit more.
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    I thought Craig was a nice person

    I saw remarks Craig made on Twitter and his FB page to the effect that he wished Steven could present the Yankee Candle shows every time and that he wished the shows could be two hours long. Even if Craig fancies the pants off Steven in my opinion this is not at all professional and not nice at...
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    Clare on the cooking show

    I do like Clare but today on the show about the pans I thought she looked really unsuitably dressed - a one shoulder/sleeve missing outfit. I know she was not actually cooking but not really kitchen dress. Didn't give the impression she actually does much cooking. Maybe it one of JF's little...
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    Priceless Genevieve!

    Just caught a bit of the show selling the George Foreman BBQ. Genevieve said a number of times one of the best things about it is that if it rains you can just take it indoors to cook! Of course if you have no cooker then it would be handy but the idea of an indoor/outdoor BBQ just seemed so...
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    Not a good look Simon.

    Yesterday on the lunchtime fiasco Simon had his shirt buttoned up apart from the top button so we were not subjected to all his hairs. Today he is there again with top open revealing his hairy chest and eating some stuff by dipping his finger in then licking it. Lunch time as well! Button up and...
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    No it is not Sarah Griffiths

    Sarah G said the faux water is exclusive to Peony flowers, NO it is not. Go into any garden centre, diy store etc that sell faux flowers, they have had arrangements in this for years. Also, why do they need a guest with her. She tired me out ranting on so fast, talking over the poor man's...
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    Turned to the Channel this morning just after 11am. Sorry I don't remember the presenter's name but whilst he was prattling on he said " most cases I say to you the price is irrelevant." Well it may surprise him to know that the price is usually the most relevant thing when I decide...
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    Close your legs woman!

    Just watching Lulu and Sarah Griffiths. Sarah sat with legs wide apart. Not a good look. Oh Maybe she was told as she has now crossed her legs.
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    Shut up Michael

    Good grief, just saw part of the Nina Leonard show and that Irish man is bordering on hysterical. The poor guest is fighting to say anything. I don't think she managed to complete a sentence before he chipped in. I don't know how he managed to breath. He is a rival for that speech express train...
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    Button up Simon

    Tuned into the Kipling hour. Simon once again showing all the hair on his chest. Is he really so warm he needs to unbutton two buttons? TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF INSTEAD. Too much showing Simon, button up.
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    Need a lot of parcels

    Just seen Neelam gift wrapping. Really good ideas but 53 pound for materials seems a lot. It would take ages for me to use all that cellophane etc..I think smaller packs would be better.
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    How long does their delivery take?

    ordered something for the first time last week and not received it yet. Does anyone know what the usual time is for delivery.
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    How to post it.

    Just watched Dawn make a card, lots of dimension, flying butterflies. No mention as to how you would post it.
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    Whenever I see the guests giving their cards dimension, curling petals up etc I can't help thinking how they intend to post the card. It will get flattened in the post unless you make a deep box to put it in, even if you are handing the card over you couldn't use an ordinary envelope but they...
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    Dale talking drivel

    Watching Dale this afternoon he seemed to be gabbling and searching for things to say so he came out with some drivel. He said the gold, in my opinion too expensive, hydrangeas were "SEXY". Then he said he liked to have a trio or three of things. Dale pet, three is a trio. I don't think they did...
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    sushi meat

    Now I appreciate some people like their meats pink but is it too much to ask that we occasionally have something that looks as if it has been in an oven. The beef Wellington the other day was raw, not pink, raw and the so called delicious juices were blood, leaving it to stand another few...
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    top button again Simon

    On the Kipling show Simon show is revealing too much flesh again.even a younger man would look inappropriately dressed. Get professional man, smarten up or get another job. Maybe a compere in a strip joint
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    school bag almost sixty pound Jill Franks!

    She never ceases to amaze with what she says. She suggests a Kipling bag costing almost sixty pounds is ideal as a school bag. Maybe where she went to school with her ballet and tap shoes she said she carried but apart from the fact a lot of schools have standard bags it would either get stolen...
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    Simon Biagi

    What on earth was he thinking of putting on the towel turban thing. He just looked so ridiculous. He really needs to get a stylist. With his open necked shirts, obviously thinking women viewers will swoon over his too hairy chest, his jackets that look like they have been costumes in the Sound...
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    Who has been in the Dressing Up Box - Kathy?

    I don't watch Kathy's "Style" show or many that she presents really as I get frustrated listening to her stuttering through her words. However this morning when going through the channels I happened to see part of her show. Kathy, what a jumble - the animal print pants and awful boots, the...

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