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    Moira C's Colletto

    Wow. Just wow. It looks like a merkin.
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    Hanging my head in shame ...

    ... I bought a Pollopancho today. In my defence, I'm spending Christmas on a farm in Ohio and then having a few days in New York. I remember when I was there last winter I thought my face was going to freeze off.
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    30-Second Smile Toothbrush

    Anyone thinking about buying that 30-second smile toothbrush should read the reviews here. Some of them relate to the shipping policies of the company in the USA, which don't apply here, but there are a lot of reviews about how well (or badly) this gadget performs.
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    Wow, these look fabulous. I'm a huge fan of emerald-cut rings and the trilogy Shaun just demonstrated is gorgeous!
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    If I was to order this today, would I get it by Christmas?

    (I mean this Christmas, of course.) It's a bargain, only £24.95. Sorry, Mrs J, you're out of luck, size 8 is sold out.
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    What more could a girl want?

    A Scarflace blouse. "You're in it, then you're out of it" I'd better make sure I wear a vest underneath it then. I also liked the casual reference to "When I was at Gatcombe Park the other week, you know, Princess Anne's estate ..." as if she was a guest of HRH, rather than flogging her...
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    Paul the Chef

    I see he's wearing black this evening. Someone must have told him that it's slimming...
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    Tell me honestly ...

    ... does my bum look big in this?
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    Stylish in Satin. * Seductive satin material * Stylish and comfortable * 14 day money-back guarantee So if I don't pull within 14 days wearing this, I'm going to ask for my money back. And if it works, well, that'll be the best £9.99 I've ever spent.
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    Article from The Sunday Times about Pitch TV

    This article was in the Sunday Times this week. Good luck to her, this lady's taken a risk, worked hard and deserves the rewards.

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