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    15/02/21 - 21/02/21 Big Deals

    Don't be put off when they say that - I've ordered a few things that are supposedly "UK Mainland only excluding Northern Ireland" and they've always arrived. It might be different if it's a TV, or something being sent directly from the supplier, but I've not had a problem with smaller items.
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    Australian Bodycare TSV 03/02/21

    I like the skin wash but I could start my own wipe shop with the number of packets I've accumulated over the years that I've never opened. As for the offer itself, it's okay - but say you go for two drops of the auto delivery to get a total of three litres of skin wash (two fragranced, one...
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    I think Jemma is great. I know nothing about her politics, but for my money she’s one of the best Brand Ambassadors on QVC. She’s smart, funny, knows the products inside out, and is always happy to laugh at herself.
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    Elemis TSV 8/11/20

    I’m baffled by the surprise/antagonism on this forum at presenters being given “freebies” of products. It’s just how the sales industry works. I had a relative who used to work for a travel agents and was regularly sent on trips abroad, purely so she could come back and sell the cruises or...
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    Or maybe she’s actually not a bad human being and is using her fame for a great cause that could genuinely save lives. Good on her.
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    My only experience of them has been with the Bundleberry deathtrap, sorry, decorative lamp. It cheered up a dim corner of the room without being too bright. From memory I don’t think you could use it for, say, reading, although other, perhaps more expensive versions, might belt out a bit more...
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    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 15/10/20

    I bought the globes a few years ago too and they do look great. I also liked her tripod lamp with the firework-style bulb, really smart and stylish. I was quite annoyed when they recalled them when it turned out they were, you know, lethal
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    Molton Brown TSV 04/10/20

    Slightly OT, but I was having a chat with the assistant in my local Molton Brown store the other day. She told me that Russian Leather has been discontinued, that Grapefruit and Vetiver has never sold particularly well, and that the Bizarre Brandy from last year also wasn't a hit so it was no...
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    Practical Ideas TSV 24/09/20

    It‘s worth reading the one star reviews on this Homedics sanitiser bag:
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    Korres Natural Beauty TSV 05/08/20

    Pretty sure there's only been one olive oil TSV before this, the others have been from the regular Korres range
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    Kochblume TSV 16/07/20

    They’re not the Spill Stoppers, they’re the Fresh Fixx silicone lids for storing leftovers and keeping food fresh
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    Kochblume TSV 16/07/20

    I'm not sure of the relationship between Kochblume and Kuhn Rikon, but certainly the Spill Stoppers I've bought in the past, while being sold during Kuhn Rikon shows, all have "Kochblume" embossed on them
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    Kochblume TSV 16/07/20

    I'll be interested to see the price on this. I was going through old emails (I delete nothing) and found my order confirmation from the last time this was a TSV, on 18th July 2012. Then it was £14.97 for one plus £2.95 P&P, though they did it as a Buy More Save More deal, so the two I bought...
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    Bye bye Claire

    There’s no question that it was her own choice. If QVC had fired her, she‘d have just disappeared and never been mentioned again. And she must be very highly thought of, or they’d never have sacrificed five minutes of airtime to allow her to say her goodbyes. I remember a few years ago there...
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    Amazon TSV 11/06/20

    I bought my Echo Spot a couple of years ago and wouldn’t be without it. However, it seems it was discontinued last October...
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    Best guests

    For me, the best guests are the ones who know their stuff inside out, have a sense of humour, and are happy to laugh at their own expense. So for those reasons, my favourites are Simon Brown, Jemma from Molton Brown, Adele from SBC and Rosa from Yankee Candle.
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    Korres Natural Beauty TSV 30/05/20

    I agree with Boris Bear. Korres sell on HSN in the US (who are also owned by QVC's parent company) and they must sell tonnes of the stuff. It doesn't really make sense that the company made and stored tens of thousands of bottles of shower gel nearly a decade ago.
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    Big Deals 11/5/20-17/5/20

    Yes, I fell for one of those stainless steel odour-removing things too years ago, although not from QVC. Turns out all you need to do to remove the smell of garlic, onions, fish etc is to wash your hands with soap and COLD water. It has to be cold, as hot water effectively "cooks" the smell...
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    Lock & Lock TSV 3/06/20

    I like Lock & Lock and have bought a few sets over the years, but the last few TSVs have all been very samey - a couple of larger containers, a few medium sized ones and a load of tiddlers. In fairness I have found the smaller ones more useful than I thought I would, but I certainly don’t need...
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    QVC Back on Cashback Sites

    Not sure when this happened but, years after they left, QVC are now back on Quidco and TopCashback, currently at rates of 6% and 4.04% respectively.

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