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    QVC Back on Cashback Sites

    Not sure when this happened but, years after they left, QVC are now back on Quidco and TopCashback, currently at rates of 6% and 4.04% respectively.
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    TSV Launches Moving to 9pm

    Apologies if this has been said elsewhere but, during last night's Bargain Hunter presentation, Debbie Flint mentioned that TSV launches would be moving to 9pm instead of midnight. She didn't give a date, just that it would happen at some point in the future.
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    New look for QVC US

    QVC in the US has just launched a new logo: This is the best bit: “The new logo combines a square representing the many screens through which customers connect with...
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    Jilly Jones

    Jilly Jones has tweeted that she's no longer the guest for Easiyo. From watching lately, it would seem that she's also been bumped from Ninja, and the other day Simon Brown was presenting Lock & Lock. This seems madness to me. She was great at her demos, knew the products inside out, and...
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    Lock & Lock

    Is Lock & Lock disappearing again? At the moment there are only three sets on the website - one is on Waitlist, one is a Last Clicks price, and the third was a One Time Only on last night's kitchen show.
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    SBC Website Offer

    Hi all, If you're an SBC gels fan, there's a good offer on their website at the moment: A selection of 125ml sizes are on sale at £3 each, with a minimum purchase of 5 items. Standard delivery to UK addresses is free. Now I don't doubt they're just doing...
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    Jilly Halliday on Family Fortunes!

    Did anyone else spot Jilly Halliday on the 6pm Family Fortunes on Challenge tonight? It was made in 1983 and presented by Max Bygraves - she even did an impression of him...(!) The family won through to the final Big Money round, with Jilly (or Jill as she was then) answering second. She did...

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