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  1. icr24350

    Christmas in June???

    Here we go again. June is not even over, and C & C are going on about Christmas. Obscene. November would be too early to mention it in my book
  2. icr24350

    Jacqui Joseph

    PLEASE Jacqui, will you stop saying things are 'stunning'. I gave up counting during one show, after she said it 12 times in the opening 10 minutes. From then on in, I burst out laughing every time she used the word I:mysmilie_17: Otherwise, she is one of my favourite presenters. I think she is...
  3. icr24350

    Christmas on C C

    Do me a favour, give over doing Christmas in June, it's obscene. Anyone else feel the same, or is it just me ?:mysmilie_51:
  4. icr24350


    Haven't seen Jodie (don't know her srname) for a few weeks. Hope she is okay
  5. icr24350


    C & C are driving me nuts with some of their music. There is a piece being played on a regular basis right now, that seems to have a 'horsey' feeling. Does anyone know the piece I am meaning, and what it is called?
  6. icr24350

    Stephanie Weightman

    Has Stephanie had a make-over? She has looked really smart and tidy lately. I've always thought she looked a bit drab with some of her outfits, but she really does look smart now. My only other criticism is her hair. Wear it down to your shoulders Stephanie, you have hair some folk would die...
  7. icr24350

    Grand Calibur Machine

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a new handle for this machine ? Ours has broken, and C & C have not been any help.
  8. icr24350

    Craft Lamp

    There is a craft lamp at £35.99, on sale, this morning, supposedly exclusive to C & C. Exclusive my foot, you can buy it in Argos a darn sight cheaper :mysmilie_51: ! Come on C & C, stop telling lies
  9. icr24350

    Whatever Happened to ?

    Whatever happened to the Sth African woman presenter? Have not seen her for ages on C & C
  10. icr24350

    Loen Love

    Sorry but I find her unwatchable now. She comes across as 'mutton dressed as lamb,' and sounds as if she is talking down to viewers and co-presenters. Also, hercomments this morning about Andy Murray were uncalled for. She is no oil painting herself.
  11. icr24350

    Welcome Back Dawn

    Just stuck C & C on, and found Dawn Bibby was back. Whilst I am not her biggest fan, it is great to see she has recovered from her illness. Now if only her niece would watch her, and see how a show should be done. Welcome back Dawn
  12. icr24350

    Ideal World Christmas Song

    Just watched and heard the presenters doing a Christmas song. YEUCH, it is horrible (I am being polite). Plus it is still November. Please IW, give us a break :headbang:
  13. icr24350

    Martyn Parker

    What a scruff he is turning into, he should be told to have a shave and brush his hair before being allowed in front of a tv camera. He puts me off watching and buying now. Smarten yourself up Martyn.
  14. icr24350

    Craft Day

    Anyone else fed up of Craft ? It seems to be the only thing IW sell at times- boring in my opinion :headbang:[/I] !
  15. icr24350

    Alan & Barry

    Just had an e-mail saying that Alan & Barry's Crafts has ceased to trade. Whilst I thought they were 'over the top' a lot of the time, they did make Craft interesting and not just card-making. You could nearly always have a laugh at them, and their enthusiasm for all types of crafting shone...
  16. icr24350

    Too Much Craft

    Anyone else fed up with Craft being rammed down our throats by IW ? It seems to be on every time I switch on. There is a dedicated Craft channel, what more do Crafters need. Plus it has has the most boring and irritating presenters and guests of anything sold. And yes, I do mean Miss Weightman...
  17. icr24350

    Jilly Halliday

    We rarely see anything said about Jilly on here, so here I go. She is one of my favourite presenters, as she comes over (to me at least) as such a lovely person, both to look at - I am a bloke :mysmilie_17:, and to listen to. I have a feeling she would be a very pleasant person to meet and talk...
  18. icr24350

    Why QVC ?

    One thing has always bamboozled me ahout this Forum. Why is it there are always more members in the QVC site, than all the others put together ? Is it because the other channels are poor in comparison, or what ? Either way, I am just glad to be able to read the different threads on the channels...
  19. icr24350

    Sad State Of Affairs

    Recently, we've had a spate of threads having a go at various presenters - Allison Young, Claudia etc. A thought has just occurred to me - is this because the stuff for sale is not worth commenting on ? I have to admit to rarely watching the channels now, as there is seldom anything I fancy. So...
  20. icr24350

    OMG DB With Wings !

    Cannot believe that Dawn Bibby is wearing wings on the 6 pm show - what does she look like, lol. They must be really strong to allow her to fly ! Mind you we can always hope she will fly off - all the other Crafters are far easier on the eyes and ears. She must have been watching too much Kirks'...

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