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    Gold prices?

    The price you receive for your gold will change daily depending on gold prices but you could try a few places before deciding.Unfortunately the majority of Gemporia items have little to no resale value apart from some higher end pieces and even then I would never,ever recommend spending much on...
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    Ammolite clearout

    Ah,Adina who constantly scratches at her scalp underneath the atrocious extensions.Before presenting each item,she has a habit of scratching her head and it's disgusting to see on live TV.This is when her chest is sometimes spilling out over her one black dress.Every single time the final price...
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    Gemporia chat show

    I only buy Black Onyx perfume usually and avoid their jewellery like the plague, it's not worth the risk or your money.What really gets me is how Harriet can't say one word without GESTICULATING with her arms all waving about.Shes got worse lately as now she gesticulated every syllable of every...

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