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  1. faerie

    Curious, has this happened to anyone else

    Yesterday, I went online to buy the M Asam TSV (ok, was about tea time, had been really busy) anyway, it was showing as sold out I checked it a few times in the evening, in case any had fallen out of baskets, it was sold out every time have just looked on QVC's website .... miraculously, its...
  2. faerie

    Wee heads up...

    Not sure if you are aware of this..... I recently ordered 2 items from TJC, 2 necklaces from the same sale (gifts for 2 people) They arrived yesterday in the wee plastic baggie things, but only 1 TJC pouch. I thought as I was ordering 2 items I would have gotten 2 pouches so I sent TJC an...
  3. faerie

    What to choose..

    Hello Wonder if anyone can share some of their wisdom/advice with me (you are all normally all very helpful) I use Elemis, I have sensitive skin, which doesn't break out when using it, but I have red/brown patches on my skin and lines under my eyes, which hasn't changed since using Elemis...
  4. faerie

    why hermes?????

    any idea why QVC use Hermes? the amount of times I'm told my delivery has been delivered to my 'secure front porch' which in English is my front door step (on a busy road on the way to the train station)... was different today ... its been delivered to my shed ... guess what ... DONT HAVE A...
  5. faerie

    Carole Hochman TSV 18/11/14

    Does anyone have any info on this yet?
  6. faerie

    No No advice needed

    Hi guys, am needing some advice re No No and know how knowledgable you can all be on here! I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) had it for years now (about 15 years) anyway, just recently, i have started to notice an increase of wee white downy hairs on my face and jaw (must have fallen out...
  7. faerie

    QVC Red Button

    Have recently noticed its dissapeared. Has it been removed or is my Sky playing up?
  8. faerie


    Tuned in today for the first time in a while and noticed it was clearance.... In the background is a video running of someone sticking warehouse clearance stickers on just about everything... even huge cardboxes of stuff (mind boggle as to whats in them) anyway, just heard 'the queen of...
  9. faerie


    I dont watch it as often or buy as often since they started selling overlay pieces...just turned it on tonight though...and...cushions??? Wavy n stripey ones.... Eh??
  10. faerie

    BCC Austrialian Body Care duo ...

    hi did any one else order this set last Wednesday? I ordered the body care duo (the hint is in the 'duo' bit), item no 228998 ordered through Q Cut (you know how it was last Wednesday) the voice said 2 piece, the web said it was a 2 piece set the description said it was a 2 piece setthe email...
  11. faerie

    Live Web Feed

    Good morning Is it just my system, or is the live web feed broken on the tjc site? On my pc, its not Stacey in the wee window, its Dance 247
  12. faerie

    Diamond Clarity

    Hi guys Can you please remind me of the clarity and colour of the diamond ranges? (taken a bit of a mental block....) thanks
  13. faerie

    Updated Website

    hiya Just noticed TJC have updated their website ... looks good ... at home ... well sort of .. still same 'glitches' like item no 568879 - 9ct white gold earrings with 12 points of diamonds, going for the low low price of .... £807.95 (wonder if I could talk hubby into getting me them...
  14. faerie

    Interesting comment ...

    Hiya Was watching last night and heard a comment, had to rewind sky plus to hear it again .. the presenter said ... someone had missed out on an item and they could call the call center and press 2, or wait until shopper opened in the morning, but then said (and not sure if we should have...
  15. faerie

    Requests and web site prices ...

    hi not bought anything in ages from Rocks, and have just seen a pair of earrings on Coloured Rocks ... Can you still request jewellery of (so I could see it before I bought) also,if they dont do requests, are the prices on their website still way more than you would pay on an...
  16. faerie

    Russian Diopside?

    Hey A question for you ... Sarah-lou kept saying earlier that Russian Diopside was also known as Siberian Emerald I just checked out Gems TV - they sell Siberian Emeralds ... does that mean they are selling Russian Diopside? They didnt have any on the web, they did have chrome diopside (which...
  17. faerie

    A new presenter?

    hi just checking the tv guide for later tonight, and noticed this: Time: 17:00:00 - 18:00:00 Title: Diamond Clearance Presenter: Annie Jenkins what have I missed? Who's Annie Jenkins? she been on before? also, where did the short dark headed presenter go, the one who used to be roomies...
  18. faerie

    Bracelet length

    Hi guys Need a wee bit of advice ... Am thinking about buying a bracelet, item number PC231 Are the bracelets all the same length (and if so, do you know the length) ? I read the blurb and watched the video for this one, nothing .... Does anyone have this bracelet? Is it as nice IRL? Any...
  19. faerie

    Advice needed

    Hi guys Am needing some advice (know you guys are the best!) I have been very lucky (apart from turning 40 that is) and recently got a teal blue diamond ring, which I love, heres a link (hopefully) I had money left...
  20. faerie

    Climbing onto soapbox for a rant!!!

    Hi guys A few weeks ago, I reported problems with the 'New' TJC site to 'the people who read the mail' at TJC, well I think they read the mail, they never even replied AND they still dont seem to have done anything about it ... they probably dont care ... to busy buying out shops who are going...

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