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  1. J

    Easy Pay advance warning

    Hi - is there an easy way to get notification of easy pay offers? I ask because I am a bit of a sucker for them and a medium level returner so it works well for me. I can try something without a big outlay and then waiting weeks to get my full refund. Even if I return next day, I usually end...
  2. J

    Returning items with batteries

    Hi Does anyone know how to return items with batteries to QVC? I want to get the Dyson straightener back ASAP (really really not worth the money). As it’s HAZMAT - the Hermes guide says no and any attempts to do so will result in the article being destroyed. Obviously I won’t be doing that. Any...
  3. J

    Most hated sales spiel

    I know we have done this before many times, but I wondered what new phrases have been introduced.... I still I hate Jill F saying "I only have the xxxx left for you in size x", Flinty saying think who you could give one to (and then reeling of random people - always teachers at Christmas)...
  4. J

    Amazon TSV 5/3/21

    Hi does anyone know please when the next Amazon TSV is. I need a new Fire TV cube. I got mine for £72 on QVC, but they're over £100 now and £109 on Amazon. Not that great but useful for turning an old TV into a proper smart TV (can't use a fire stick). Thank you
  5. J

    60 day return policy

    Does anyone make use of the 60 day policy? I confess I do. In over 15 years of shopping at QVC I have had the too many returns letter twice. Thanks to all the posts here, when I buy I think long and hard about whether I want the item - I do take into account the P&P and cost of return. If I...
  6. J

    Michael Perry's Garden TSV 6/2/21

    Hi Does anyone know when the next gardening TSV is please? I could do with some more bird seed and they usually do one about this time of year and quilt trip us into buying when we can get cheaper locally. That said the birds in my garden love the Richard Jackson food and I have enjoyed watching...

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