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    Trouble at t'mill?

    JM have really been going downhill recently. Fewer and fewer guest designers now (losing the best): Colin Wagstaffe, among others, has left: postage up: presenters on the whole are so up themselves that they're meeting themselves coming back: shorter and shorter strands:I could go on! The thing...
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    I'm probably going to be unpopular now but you're not allowed to criticise anything on the JewelleryMaker facebook page and I need to vent!!!! My lord, this birthday marathon production makes Ideal World look professional in comparison! The screeching, "singing", ego massaging and fake surprise...
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    Message for Steve Bennett

    I don't know if he even still reads these pages but anyway.... Mr Bennett You really are going to have to get a grip on the issue of deliveries from your company. If your website tells someone they will receive an order on a certain date, they should be entitled to expect it then. Excuses...
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    Track and Trace

    Good to see QVC introducing a tracking facility for deliveries now. A link appears in the delivery notification email. I've just got my first where the parcel is coming by courier but Royal Mail also have a track and trace facility now so hopefully we'll be able to follow RM parcels as well.
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    Good grief, and I thought Ideal World presenters were bad!! Apparently this Vicki woman is just back from maternity leave. If she'd been on when I discovered JM recently I'd have spent a lot less money. What a complete clown - and as for that braying that she thinks is laughing, well I'm just...
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    Beauty Bra

    Sorry, but this has really tee'd me off. I know we talk often about befores and afters, but this afternoon must be the biggest fake ever. The model Linda is supposed to have paid £40 for a bra which she is spilling out of from EVERY angle. The manufacturer should sue Ideal World for gross...
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    Freeview hours

    Only discovered the daily two hours on Freeview recently. Then last week I was looking for them and they seem to have disappeared. Does anyone know if this is permanent, please?
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    CHuntley and Morton

    Of all the nauseating crawl-up-the-bum fests that QVC presenters have indulged in this had to be the worst I can remember. Chuntley absolutely surpassed her sickly sweet self and I'm surprised Andrew Morton could be spared from the Palace for this piece of drivel. QVC has gone so far down in...
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    Family Friendship and Fun - yeah, right

    Have just watched QVC's lovely farewell to Anthony Heywood and couldn't help thinking of the way Ideal World obliterates all hint of presenters who leave. They don't even acknowledge that someone is leaving - they just vanish without trace and mention of their names seem to be forbidden...
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    La Diva - what is SHE wearing!!!!!

    Have just seen Julia Roberts in the Oreck show. If she's not having a mid-life crisis ........!!!!! She's beyond ridiculous and yet clearly thinks she's God's gift to the world of fashion - has Glen Campbell become her dresser??!!
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    Kleshna poppies

    Am shocked to the core - IW sellling the Swarovski Poppy Crochet Brooch just now for £84.99. It's on the Kleshna website for £69.99. How low is that? There's a contribution to the British Legion on each item.
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    Profit margins

    Interesting little slipup by Diane Peternel this morning - they're flogging a set of three MCS CD's for £9.99 so Howard was doing his usual wittering and said "Who pays £3.33 for one CD with a graphics program?" To which Ms Peternel said they did - that was the cost price!!!!!!!! Great profit...
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    Leonie Pujol

    I know I'm probably the only person in the world who feels like this, but Leonie Pujol is really driving me mad with her overenthusiastic, immature approach. I honestly feel she has sold her crafting soul by joining this company. She's very rapidly learned the bad habits required for craft...
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    Ellis "The Expert" Ward

    Sorry, but in a company which seems to specialise in ill-mannered presenters, Ellis Ward has to be among the worst. I have rarely come across such a self-absorbed, patronising bragger as she is. Have just tried to watch the programme about cross stitch, which I love, and was horrified at the way...
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    Stephanie Weightman

    I know it might not be the right place - but it's not her lack of crafting ability that's my issue just now but her presenting. I've just had IW on in the background and couldn't find my remote, so had to listen to this woman drivelling on and on and on. Half the time she doesn't finish...
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    Lies, damned lies ........

    Do this lot ever tell the truth? Have just listened to S Weightman going on and on, as she so often does, about meeting with Pam, the buyer - but did she not resign in March? Also, what has happened to the much vaunted new phone system which meant that there would be no queues again? They've...
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    21st Century corsetry

    Sorry, but I am SICK TO DEATH of these models and presenters raving about this stuff. Apart from the fact that in my experience it doesn't work if you're at all well endowed, the Julie woman has just gone through exactly the same spiel as she gave for the Emelia stuff a few days ago, and our...
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    QVC transfer to 'joy' your hearts!!

    Here's a New Year's pressie for you all - have just discovered that IW have taken over the iJoy rider and have a New Year's Day show!! I remember the wonderful thread when QVC had this 'toilet', as someone called it, although I missed the show. Can't wait to see them drivelling on for a n hour...
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    Desert Island - which presenter!

    OMG, Ellis Ward has just asked viewers to email in to say which Ideal World presenter they would like to be on a desert island with!!!!!!!!!! (The sewing machine man had been talking about preferring to be on with Debbie Shore because she was a better sales person!) Where would you start...
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    Passing thought...

    If everything on this flipping channel is SO incredible, which I understand to mean 'unbelievable', to the presenters, why in heaven's name should we believe a word they say? Their limited vocabulary drives me nuts but that's the one that stands out Denmice has been on for five minutes now and...

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