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  1. L are you ???

    Just thought Id start a thread to see how Graham is doing.I know hes dealing with a lot of crap but wanted to check on him and see if he is doing ok on a personal level. Anyone know if he is ok???:wonder: :wonder::wonder: :wonder: :wonder:
  2. L

    OMG....What is Jilly wearing??????

    Just seen Jilly doing a tease for the TSV...what the heck is she wearing..she looks like a romany gypsy!!!!!:down::down::down::down:
  3. L

    Omg..faulty tacori ring onscreen

    Anyone watching the presentation of ring number 605095...its MISSING a bloody stone!!!!!!
  4. L

    Everything Advanced Orders!!!

    OMG..Just watching silver show stoppers ,so far everything is on advanced orders. Ali (who is looking amazing ) keeps saying how qvc havent ordered any until you place your order...they must be feeling the pinch!!
  5. L

    Jill Franks on Skechers!!!!!

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice the guest from Skechers roll her eyes on many occassions when JF was whittering on...she also shot her dirty looks many times too!!! I dont think she was a JF fan to be honest :doh: :doh: :doh:
  6. L

    Alison on new CID

    I think Alison looks really well tonight :)
  7. L

    A real look of MODERNITY!!!!!!

    Bloody hell...only on 30 mins and JR has used the word modernity too many times...ggrrrrr :down: :down: :down:
  8. L

    ok..Im in trouble !!!!

    I didnt realise how much stuff i had bought from le Q until my poor hubby opened my wardrobe and was nearly killed by the torrent of hidden goodies that came crashing down on him. Poor bloke has a black eye... Now heres the issue,where am i going to hide my stuff from now on!!! No room under the...
  9. L

    Glen Campbell..ggrrrrrrrrr

    someone shut that man up..he just droons on and on with the same drivel !!!!
  10. L

    Beula's Feet !!!!

    I know im a bit late on this thread but we had Beula modelling first birkinstocks and last night clarks...she has the ugliest feeT and her nail varnish was awful..not a good foot model IMO :down: :down: :down:
  11. L

    Am I seeing things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it just me or does skelator,aka jill franks look like she might be pregnant..she seems to sporting a bump(albeit small) and keeps resting her hand on her tummy!!
  12. L

    Red shoes no Knickers!!!

    OMG...Hilarious the naturalizer guest just told charlie that her gran used to say this about red dhoes..'red shoes no knickers'...charlie loved it hahahahahahahah
  13. L

    Julia looks FAB

    WOW..just tuned in and i have to say JR looks stunning :)
  14. L

    Simon biaggi's chest hair!!!

    OMG.. get a wax already..its awful..cant imagine charlie or dale coming on air like that :puke: :puke: :puke:
  15. L

    AY in Laura geller hour

    now im not normally an AY fan she can grate a bit but i thought she looked great in the 7pm show..wasnt her usual shouty self either :)
  16. L

    Kipling woman in OLAY Advert!!!!!!!

    Ok so I just saw that Marie francoise who does the Kipling shows in an OLAY ad on tv..does that mean she is just a model and not actually working for Kipling?????
  17. L

    Julia sets a new record!!!!!

    WOW..Im impressed ,the susan graver show was only on 3 mins before Julia mentioned ...."Im wearing the small" That has to be a new record.... :devil:
  18. L

    PRAI womans accent????

    OMG just watching PRAI and what is going on with that womans is totally different to the last time she was on :wonder:
  19. L


    What is with this lady from Prai and the way she says girls..getting on my nerves!!!
  20. L

    QVC models..who is your fav !!!

    Time for a positive thread me thinks...who is your fav model on QVC 1.Joy...I think she is fab 2.Ali..she is stunning

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