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    Big Deals 20/01/2020 to 26/01/2020

    One of the BDs will be an Elemis Superfood 4 piece set with the new Micellar Foam Cleanser, Oil, Exfoliator and probably Day Cream :RpS_biggrin: Yes - another one, and then a TSV in February...........
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    Big Deals 6/5/19 to 12/5/19

    This will be one of the BDs next week :mysmilie_50:
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    Overuse of the word "Literally"!!

    Just watching Home Inspirations Show and have lost count of the number of times the guest Linda Magistris has used "Literally"!! Such a pointless word!
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    Q sending out used items....

    I am not happy with QVC at the mo. At the weekend I received a Kipling bag that had been used - I had paid full price for it £50 so was not amused. This has also happened on several other occasions. Each time I ring QVC and get this "faux shock" as if this never happens when we all know it...

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