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  1. mr jones

    Not only not only not only - LIES!

    Peter Simon has just announced that sterling silver is £30 a gramme! That after claiming that there is a crystal company called Sarowshki (sic) etc etc etc. God bless him, I know he's old and confused but how long can he make his rambling assertions about products which are pure invention a lot...
  2. mr jones

    Are they unique?

    Last night, despite the usual, and I fear, potentially fatal IT problems, Rocks was another good night. The big difference between this channel and others is the personal input of the owners. Steve and Sarah who pop in and out and interact with us on a personal level unknown in ANY other...
  3. mr jones

    I got me Sapphire Ring made!

    Bit fuzzy and leery pic but suits me! :1:
  4. mr jones

    My Comp Prize

    Sweet little Apatite loose stone and a big thank you to Steve and Co.
  5. mr jones


    The site was whirring away tonight taking it's time loading when a silver man's ring with white topaz came up. I had no chat window but the studio picture ands sound was live etc and I clicked on buy but missed out. The next item was a similar ring but with emerald (which I have). To my horror...
  6. mr jones

    I got me Sapphire

    Thanks to the Sainted Katherine (surely Customer Service Star of 2009) I got a replacement six star blue Sapphire for £36.60. The photty is carp but you get the gist. :18:
  7. mr jones

    Not a bummer

    The rest of the haul - The White Topaz Titanium ring goes with me Titanium Watch and t'others are silver and Ruby and Emerald.
  8. mr jones

    What a bummer!

    I bought a superb Star Sapphire t'other day and it has a lovely six point star BUT - there is a chip like irregularity on the polished surface and beside it a cut like the polishing wheel has slipped. So my great plan for a commissioned ring is in tatters and it's on it's way back. Maybe I'm...
  9. mr jones

    Green Amethyst Cuff Links

    Very pale but a nice sparkle
  10. mr jones

    Problems with the Site

    Most times I log on to the Rocks site it takes ages for the pages to load and my pooter slows down. Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. mr jones

    Pink Tourmaline - white gold

    A sweet little ring for my Daughter in Law's birthday
  12. mr jones

    Gents Amethyst Ring

    Now I have the full set!
  13. mr jones

    Not rings for a change!

    Money clip MOP Pendant
  14. mr jones

    So far - so good!

  15. mr jones

    Beware Ladies!

  16. mr jones

    Rocks.TV More Man Stuff

  17. mr jones

    New Man Stuff!

    First order. 10.5 grammes Silver and 1.10 carat Mozambique garnet at £12 - really looks good with sandblasted silver.

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