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    One item per hour?

    If it isn't bad enough having a whole hour of that bleeding dyson hair dryer we now have an Elemis hour at 7 pm which according to recent on air items there has only been one thing shown in the entire hour. Is this going to start being the norm I wonder. I know that they flog beauty...
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    What does she look like

    Just switched over to Q and JR is on with the Tarrant woman they both look bloody terrible but Ingrid looks like an old bag lady andthe dress is £199. Words fail me at the cost of the dress. Seriously would anybody pay for that piece of tat
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    Debbie Greenwood

    I have just had an email from Salon Skincare and they are launching a new channel and the promo video with it is presented by Debbie Greenwood. It is launching on Wednesday at 8.30
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    Join "clothes"

    Usually working but thought I would switch on Q - OMG what do the models on the Join "Clothes" hour look like. Those tops and harem type trousers look bloody awful and there is Craig wittering on about how you won't find these on the High Street. Of course you won't because they look awful...
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    Yet more tat

    Just browsing the Q website and they have yet another new “fashion” range LOGO by Lori Goldstein. Yet another pile of overpriced tunic tops that look awful. I am thinking it is yet another brand from across the pond so the sizing will definitely be all over the place as per usual and it just...
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    Free P & P

    Has anyone ordered anything with free P & P? I ordered a CD - the Christmas choir one on 22 November. I got an email on 27th saying it had been despatched! Is this normal when something is free P & P, they do not even bother despatching for 5 bl**dy days. So, if anyone orders some Links...
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    Gatineau TSV 30/11/14

    There is another Gatineau TSV on Sunday 30 November.
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    Gatineau TSV - Saturday 20/09/14

    There is another Gatineau TSV on 20 September.
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    Gatineau TSVs - 11/5/14 and 6/7/14

    According to the Beauty room website there are TSVs on Sunday 11 May and Sunday 6 July. Not much time in between. Gatineau TSVs aren't usually that close together.
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    Museum of London jewellery

    Has anybody looked at this? Browsing the website, its silver with gold vermeil and some of it has created gemstones and I think it is really expensive for what it is. Some of the pieces have real amethyst but still not worth the money. Quite nice pieces though.
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    Gatineau TSV 1/12/13

    There is another Gatineau TSV on 1 December. Lets hope its better than the last 2. There are also Gatineau 17th anniversary shows on 20, 21 and 22 October. There is yet another beauty day on Sunday 3 November.
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    Gatineau TSV 17/8/13

    Just browsing the Beauty Room website and there is yet another Gat TSV on 17 August. I don't remember Gatineau having TSVs so close together, the last one being a couple of weeks ago. Let's hope its a bit better than the last couple have been.
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    Gatineau TSV 15/6/13

    There is a TSV on Saturday 15 June
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    The most expensive item ever........

    I have just been browsing the Q website and found this: If the link doesn't work the item number is 606107. Think I may get 2. I am sure we all have that amount of money swishing around in the bank!
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    How many times...

    in one sentence can Fiona say amazing? Answer 3. I just counted. This is at the start of the 11 am show. If she manages to top 3 times in one sentence please let me know!
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    AY on holiday

    Switched on TV at 7 am to see repeat from last night and order TSV assumption that it was on easy pay. Did anyone else hear the comment from JF about AY on holiday? Apparently she is somewhere hot and sits on her lounger with her legs covered by a towel, under an umbrella with a hat on and is...
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    Gatineau TSV 31/3/12

    On saturday 31 March
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    Sincerely silver

    Just switched on Q to see a new range of silver. Am I right in thinking that the woman (Carolyn Pollack) on with DF is the south western silver one? So if it is she has re-branded her range and given it a massive price hike!! Nice one!!
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    Gobby eek ring

    Just browsing the Q website and they have a few items in advance of eek day tomorrow. The Alison Y ring is now priced at £71. The last time I looked it was still around £49 maybe slightly more. I cannot believe how much this ring now is. Maybe some eagle eyed viewer has kept a note of how...
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    I'm in shock!!

    Ages ago ordered the Decleor cleansing mousse. Think it was on easy pay. P & P was £3.95. Got home from work tonight and there is a letter from Q saying that when I purchased the item the P & P was £3.95 and as they have since sold it with free P & P they have refunded me £3.95. Has this...

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