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    Invisible Diamonique stone?

    I know the website team can sometimes make mistakes but....take a look at item 626413 ! Who took the photo, thought it was OK and then put it up on the site. Description says that the ring has a 3.4ct diamonique tension cut stone set into the ring. Surely someone would notice that it had...
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    Pipa engaged!

    Pipa has announced on her website that she has got engaged to a fella she knew 22 years ago. There is a photo of her ring and a piccy of the happy couple. Congratulations to them both, I hope they will be very happy together!
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    Tiana b tsv 30/1/13

    Found this if anyone is interested Sweater knit dress Item no. 105 599 QVC price 42.00, TSV price 29.30 + 3.95 pp Hopefully someone could post a link for me, I'm rubbish at the techie stuff ! I'm not keen on this offering myself, not very inspiring for a TSV. I have a few Tiana B dresses...
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    OTO South Western Silver

    I think this may be the OTO at 11pm tonight, Item no: 670 037. choice of 3 options, blue lace agate, rhodonite or peach aventurine stretch bracelet. Hope someone could do a link for me. Pandora x

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