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  1. kitten_with_claws

    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    I decided not to get one in the end after reading about all the people who got horrible static shocks from the things.......only wanted it for the upstairs budgies but don't want to be zapped! :(
  2. kitten_with_claws

    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    Fair enough SCW! Ta anyway! 😘
  3. kitten_with_claws

    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    I've never really dyed my hair but it used to be a rich thyoid problems turned it suddenly & wholly unexpectedly into an ash blonde, with golden & platinum highlights running through it! I have never had so many compliments in my life, nobody can believe it didn't cost a...
  4. kitten_with_claws

    Sofa in a box

    You're right there LATI, cheap it certainly isn't! It's not a bad idea really - I live in a Victorian end terrace, getting furniture in past all the doors, random piping & built out bits housing gawd knows what is the sort of challenge normally reserved for The Crystal Maze! (We usually end up...
  5. kitten_with_claws

    Mr Max Fashion TSV 24/03/20

    Shiny jeggings in a viscose mix (cleverly designed to resemble cheap polyester!), with a built in camel toe.....fabulous.....shame I missed this one! :(
  6. kitten_with_claws

    Sofa in a box

    Love how at the end of the video the bloke plonks himself down on it & the thing visibly slides sideways, must weigh the equivalent of a couple of bags of sugar....! :rolleyes:
  7. kitten_with_claws

    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    Why bother with the paper bag Erics's not like you can go out where people can see you.....!
  8. kitten_with_claws

    Dyson TSV 28/03/20

    Any idea on price yet SCW?
  9. kitten_with_claws

    July LE TSV next auto-delivery drop date?

    Just realised I have not the foggiest idea when the next drop is due & as it's sold out can no longer see the video! Anybody know when this is due? :doh:
  10. kitten_with_claws

    'Especially made for QVC'......!

    Watching the 11pm Kipling show last night, a fair proportion of the bags seemed to be 'especially made for QVC'! Sorry Kipling, I am neither interested nor impressed & perhaps if you read some of the reviews on these, you might find a lot of other people aren't either, certainly as regards the...
  11. kitten_with_claws

    Did Pippa really just say this......?!?

    I can't be sure I heard correctly but talking about the stupid Fitover sunglasses, I believe Pippa just said 'Do we need to do anything particular with them?'.........what??? Well, thinking about it......possibly the following: 1. Take sunglasses & place them carefully on the floor. 2. Bring...
  12. kitten_with_claws

    Brand rankings on QVC home page!

    On the home page where the different categories are shown, there is a drop down menu showing, amongst other things, the 'top' brands within that section, showing in order of popularity/sales rankings apparently, i.e. 'Fashion' lists Kim & Co. at the top, 'Home & Leisure' puts Northern Nights...
  13. kitten_with_claws

    QVC making a virtue out of necessity!

    QVC meat - I'm sick of hearing this 'traced from field to fork' nonsense; yet again on the Green Seasons promo, some daft old bat (hope it's not somebody on here, oops! lol) saying how much she likes the GS stuff as they know exactly where it's come from & how it can be traced back to its point...
  14. kitten_with_claws

    If QVC DON'T re-sell returned/used items.........

    .......where are all these 'yellow ochre' & 'taupe print' bags from the last Kipling TSV, that keep popping in & out of existence, coming from??? There is no longer a cheque hold facility & too late to have been returned under the DSRs, where people have taken one look & thought 'nope, not for...
  15. kitten_with_claws

    So who buys Bibi Bijoux then....?

    So much for the widespread fame of Bibi Bijoux....or not! Was talking to one of my girls on the phone, whose tastes are, how can I put this a bit delicately, well frankly a bit chavvy! lol Uggs, Hollister, River Island at a push, that kind of thing! (I'm not mean, she says herself she likes...
  16. kitten_with_claws

    Videos & 'Available on Waitlist' Message!

    If you are trying to watch a video & that annoying box with the 'Available on Waitlist' message is plastered across the screen, obscuring the middle of it, there are a couple of things you can do to correct this: 1. If the main pic is in a colourway that is on waitlist, select a colour that...
  17. kitten_with_claws

    Ordering TSV trousers on new website!

    If anybody is struggling with this (website is naffed up!): 1.Choose colour from rectangle (where it says 'size'). 2.Go down to little squares (where it says 'colour') & move mouse along & below these (into blank white areas) & the sizes will appear. (Some sizes appear in coloured squares...
  18. kitten_with_claws

    Acer TSV?

    Do we have any further details on Saturday's upcoming Acer TSV yet? Q Gossip mentions Blu Ray & the fact it's a quad core with 4gb RAM but not much else.......SCW, anything yet?
  19. kitten_with_claws

    QVC's Generosity Knows No Bounds......! So on QVC's 'Special Price', I'm saving a whole.........14p! Wow, if I bought say, three packs, I'd have saved enough to treat myself to a whole CurlyWurly or something.........! :mysmilie_17:
  20. kitten_with_claws

    Worth joining the members club?

    Am just starting out so have, well, nuffink tbh - would it be worth joining the members club or......? Not sure how much I'd buy from here, p&p seems quite high? I did see a lovely card kit this morning, not really the direction I want to go in for card making (just assembling & glueing! lol)...

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