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  1. tootsie

    Yesterday's printer TSV

    My mum texted me last night when I was in bed to say she had ordered me yesterday's TSV, a printer. I was asleep and didn't hear the text till this morning. She says it was a good printer, but she can't really remember much about it. Does anyone here have any detail - and it is good value...
  2. tootsie

    Missing packages

    I had ordered the Scandisk MP4 players for my kids for Christmas, and when they hadn't shown up after kjust over 2 weeks I phoned to ask for replacements to be sent out. The guy I was talking to was horrible! He insinuated that I had something to do with them going missing by saying they had...
  3. tootsie virgin

    I'm a complete n00b to the website, but I fancy giving it a go - do I need to have the sound turned on (in other words will Chris know that I'm spending his money and not working?) Is it easy? Do I need to be quick at getting my bids in?
  4. tootsie

    Grundig LCD TSV

    I'm tempted to get this - is it any good? I've never had an LCD tv, and like the look of this one, the easy payment is swaying me!
  5. tootsie

    E-mail from LeeAnne at Alpha H regarding Liquid Gold usage

    I contacted Lee Anne at Alpha H asking her to clarify the usage instructions regarding Liquid gold, and asking if it was safe to use twice daily. I advised her I would be posting her repsonse on a public forum, here is her reply. My name is LeeAnne and I am the resident Beauty Therapist here...
  6. tootsie

    Excite me, please!

    I haven't been tempted by any of the TSVs since the Nails Inc one, and I am only mildly excited by the impending Smashbox one. Come on QVC, excite me, I haven't bought anything in ages!

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