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  1. Pinkpussycat

    ASA Council Decision ~ Misleading Advertising

    In the shadow of what has been extremely sad news today my ASA complaint is unimportant but as I have received a decision from the Council review I thought I should post it anyway. This is what their email says: Dear Sue,</SPAN> As you know, we’ve been looking into your complaint about an ad...
  2. Pinkpussycat

    Northern Nights Pillows

    Has anyone actually washed NN pillows and what was the result please?? I have a pair of SLUMBER CORE EUROFEATHER & DOWN PILLOWS which they used to sell in the queen size (20"x30") and I wanted to replace them with a new set but Q don't seem to do this size anymore, just the standard size. So I...
  3. Pinkpussycat

    Debbie Flints Novel ~ Hawaiian Affair (1-4)

    These are really enjoyable books!! They'll never win the Booker Prize but imo they are well written, easy to read and quite raunchy in parts :muscle: and just what I expected from Flinty lol. :grin: Lots of good reviews on Amazon and at 77p a go for Kindle download well worth it imho. For the...
  4. Pinkpussycat

    ASA Complaint - Misleading Advertising

    I have lodged a complaint with the ASA against QVC's misleading advertising. My complaint covers how QVC portray their 30 day money back guarantee on air and their lack of transparency regarding their returns policy, which is of course intrinsic to their mbg. I want the ASA to force QVC to...
  5. Pinkpussycat

    Rachel Galley On Now

    :mysmilie_466: What has she done to her fizzog??? Certainly botox and it looks like cheek fillers as well!! She's only 23 and very pretty and really didn't need these 'enhancements' which look awful imho. Oh and ditch the red lippy luv it makes you look much older.
  6. Pinkpussycat

    I Really Should Have Known Better...

    In the New Year I got carried away and ordered quite a few Welo Opal pieces after reading previous rave reviews on here about this gemstone. I really should have known better. I've been buying sparklies from all the jewellery channels since their inception and know how hit and miss quality can...
  7. Pinkpussycat

    JR's Teef!!

    On Q's homepage today there is an ad running for Saturday Night Gifting with Miss Piggy and her gnashers have definately been photoshopped imo....or has she gifted herself with a set of veneers?? :wonder:
  8. Pinkpussycat

    Liz Fuller

    Ooh when I saw the title of this thread I thought great, at last some class returning to TJC. I didn't see the show because in the main their jewellery is rubbish now and I just don't bother to watch anymore. Such a shame how the channel has gone downhill but I hope they sort some decent stuff...
  9. Pinkpussycat

    Extraordinarily Irritating!!

    Ali K you are a very polished presenter but PLEASE STOP describing almost everything in the eek shows as extraordinary!! :headbang:
  10. Pinkpussycat

    Skagen TSV Monday 30/7

    Skagen Ladies Swarovski Bezel with Glitter Hands Mesh Watch <!-- defect #11994 begin 2011-08-10 --><!-- Start - Product Pricing Info incProductDetailProductPricingInfo -->QVC Price: £88.00 <!----><!---->Today's Special Value Price : £69.96 P&P: £5.95 <IMG style="POSITION: absolute; TOP...
  11. Pinkpussycat

    Julia's Book Update

    I'm moving...:bandit:
  12. Pinkpussycat

    JR & The Tweet That Went Horribly WRONG!!

    Was channel hopping whilst watching a particularly uninspiring tennis match about half an hour ago and caught sight of Miss Piggy in the Kipling hour and became mesmerised by the vile monkeys and her dreadful Max Wall look and carried on watching. Anyway, she enthusiastically launched into...
  13. Pinkpussycat

    Stephen Gayford art? Overrated?

    Yes it was Jude, he was dubbed Painter of Shite on the forum instead of his official website moniker
  14. Pinkpussycat

    Language Problem....

    Now I know that most shopping telly presenters aren't renowned for their intellect but could someone have a word and tell them not to try and be clever beyond their capabilities/brain power please?? There's a dreadful blonde bimbo on TJC atm and listening to her monotonous ramblings is the audio...
  15. Pinkpussycat

    anyone remember "Coty" ?

    Sexiest Fragrance Ever!! I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Estee Lauder's Youth Dew which imo is the sexiest fragrance ever! Quite heady when first put on but mellows into a lovely warm pong that lasts for hours and hours. It was my first perfume back in the 70s and evokes such great memories...
  16. Pinkpussycat

    What type of candle do you like best?

    No really babytoes it's actually the truth :angel: I even have a big fat Kirks Folly one (to my shame :blush:) that lives on my hearth and here's the damning evidence prove it. :grin:
  17. Pinkpussycat

    The One To Own Today FGS!! Please buy these sodding earrings and stop Wing-Nut's hysterical squawking!! :mysmilie_503:
  18. Pinkpussycat

    HP TSV on Sunday

    Anyone have an idea what this might be please??
  19. Pinkpussycat

    Arrivederci Miles

    Our lovely Miles is leaving TJC on 27th July and moving on to pastures new. :mysmilie_512: Whatever company is lucky enough to have you join them will be very, very fortunate and I hope they realise what a treasure you are and treat you very well. Miles you already know that I wish you all...
  20. Pinkpussycat

    Diamond Spectacular Show

    I've was dipping in and out of this 3 hour event and cannot helieve the prices of some of the rings!! :eek: A few were almost £2k and several others over a grand but all set in 9ct. :mysmilie_505: I just can't believe the stupidity of the people paying these prices especially as QVC diamonds are...

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