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  1. PennyPitStop

    Hotel Chocolate Velvetiser Amazon <£80.00

    Had a message on the grapevine that this is currently reduced. Not read all the blurb, don't think it had the cups in it. Have a read for yourself. If you have this machine is it worth the usual £100+? Is it worth getting without the special pod cups? Are the dupes from Aldi/Lidl worth it...
  2. PennyPitStop

    Just leaving this... Returns_Warehouse_Assistant

    Just a little thing for you to read over your next coffee...
  3. PennyPitStop

    Kim & Co BA saying about bulldog clips on clothes...

    BA for Kim & Co saying that as a model she had bulldog clips on her clothes so they'd fit when she was a model. It was in the last 2 minutes of the show 23:00-23:59 Tuesday 23/03/21. I won't say it but you all know I'm think one Q sales person often has clothes customized with bulldog clips...
  4. PennyPitStop

    How Can They Look So Bad?

    Don't know the Q Sale Staffer but female with a red hair. She's wearing a blazer that is £120+ sleeves very untidy shoved up scruffy. I've seen the blazer being sold as I was peeping at Gok and I really fancied it. But my life now even outside the Pandemic can't justify this, although I more...
  5. PennyPitStop

    Sorry, but... Too many way too many...

    I've just searched for the 9pm TSV. There are five days of TSVs plus two are on auto delivery. Therefore seven items. When did "today" turn into five days? You can stick any preamble eg pre launch before it to hide overkill. But seeing five days of stuff is too much. It was much more fun...
  6. PennyPitStop

    No Ali Y Photo

    Setting the background... I'm a bit distracted multi tasking, trying to watch a programme with one of my fav actresses, blah, blah, blah. But needed to look something up earlier on the presenters blog stuff. Actual stuff... Can't see a photo of Ali Young on the presenters blogs. It has also...
  7. PennyPitStop

    No Photos, Distorted Photos, Etc

    I have looked at about seven items on QVC today each one had an issue. Four had no photographs, one had a really distorted image, thee had "videos" but a fixed photo with audio. They were all old items. Why are QVC so something* with their something_else** web site? *something - you can...
  8. PennyPitStop

    Thank You Nanny McFee

    Dear Nanny Thank you for your wisdom I have saved myself three lots of shopping today that I really didn't need. Thank you for saving me from myself.
  9. PennyPitStop

    Oodie Dupes Or Original?

    Does anyone have an Oodie? Are they worth it? Any good fakey ones about? Is the better? Someone looking for a person to get in a group to buy six? If you buy one it's currently £59. But you can get six for £252 (£42 each). This is a FOMO and Nanny McFee (oh I enjoy that term...
  10. PennyPitStop

    A little instruction pretty please...

    Can I edit a post to correct spelling errors and this naughty phone correcting what I've typed with what it thinks I want to say? If I can where? How? I have looked. And you will see I have added a little photo today. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but wasn't sure where to put this...

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