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    Liz Earle 30% Off Sale

    Liz Earle has 30% off hair bodycare and fragrance
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    Liz Earle set at Boots

    Just seen this at Boots
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    20% off Liz Earle

    20% off all items including the sets with the free fragrance!
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    Liz Earle website offer with fragrance

    Liz Earles deal of the month gives you a free fragrance when you buy the C&P, IBST and moisturiser
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    Liz Earle Black Friday Sale

    Liz Earle has a big sale going on. I got 15% off a Christmas set, and 30% off some body washes Also, free delivery until Dec 7th (I think) so a good time to shop
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    Liz Earle set at Boots

    Black Friday offer in a LE gift set
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    Liz Earle 30% discount at Boots

    Boots have 30% off Liz Earle at the moment. No gift sets, but they also have £10 worth of points for every £60 you spend.
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    Boots 20% off

    Boots have 20% off their own branded goods such as Soap &Glory and Liz Earle. Not in the gift sets...
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    Liz Earle Christmas Gifts

    Liz Earle have Christmas gift sets on their website
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    Boots-Liz Earle Summer Collection

    Liz Earle Radiant Summer Skin £55 worth £117 Collection includes: Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender Gentle Face Exfoliator Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion Skin Repair™ Light Cream
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    Boots Liz Earle

    Boots have 30% off Liz Earle and some special packs
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    Liz Earle Free Gift

    Spend £70 and you get a free gift Big cleanse and polish, Eyebright, and Eye Cream

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