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  1. Sarah Pocket

    Has anyone ever managed to repair the Julia Roberts Popcorn Gold Watch?

    I haven't had a huge amount of wear out of my "Julia Roberts" gold popcorn bracelet watch. I have only worn it on special occasions over the past few years but did buy it approx 5 or 6 years ago I suppose. When I took it to have a new battery fitted it had a tiny piece of link missing which...
  2. Sarah Pocket

    Skagen TSV 29/11/2012

    Alison Keenan had a very pretty gold Skagen watch on during the Liz Earle show tonight. I suspect that it may be the TSV for the 29th. Did anyone watch the LE show and was anything mentioned about the watch? I've been considering a Skagen for Christmas. SCW any news as yet on the Skagen TSV...
  3. Sarah Pocket

    Elemis Competition Text Entry - Lines closed

    I was listening just now to Alison on the 9 p.m. Elemis show giving details of a competition to win a half day Elemis spa so thought I'd enter. I pressed Sky+ to freeze the details on the screen whilst I got my mobile from the kitchen, prepared the text (pausing only to spell Elemis), pressed...
  4. Sarah Pocket

    Struggling to check out online

    Has anybody else had a problem checking out their order online? I had a chain in my basket and added a little pendant on buy it now. I've entered my £5 Shopping TV voucher which it accepted on the 2nd attempt. It has taken all my delivery details and lets me put my credit card details in, but...
  5. Sarah Pocket

    Sally Morgan voucher code

    I don't know whether this code was posted on the old forum but I thought it might be useful. I went to see Sally Morgan in Blackpool on Sunday and the programme contains a code - and I know how you lot love your codes! It can only be used at Gems when you purchase anything in the Sally Morgan...

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