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    Is Jilly pregnant?

    Is Abby pregnant, she looked a very odd shape in that skirt.
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    Le Creuset TSV 5/11/20

    I would like to get this set but it just too heavy for me without putting food in the casserole. There is a good choice of colours.
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    Le Creuset TSV 02/09/20

    Crystal, thanks for your feedback. I absolutely love this range from Le Creuset as I got a deep frying pan from John Lewis, in their sale, and it is the best pan that I have ever owned so I have ordered the TSV. I still have quite a few Circulon pans and will replace my Circulon saucepans...
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    Le Creuset TSV 02/09/20

    Thank you, hope it is the three piece set.
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    Le Creuset TSV 02/09/20

    Does anyone know what the Le Creuset TSV will be yet? I absolutely love the toughened non stick pans and could do with some more to replace my circulon pans that I got in 1990.
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    Lulu Guinness Handbags TSV 27/04/20

    I like this style of bag but I do not like metal chain. I find them noisy and catch on my clothes.
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    Monster Floor Mop Steamer - any good?

    Has anyone received their Monster TSV and used it, I would be grateful for any reviews.

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