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    Quote Originally Posted by sesinuk View Post
    I've had this happen to me on SEVEN different occasions, the product didn't pass the QC. I tried unsuccessfully to complain, but there was no one to talk to and it's hardly the telephone assistants' fault. One particularly frustrating case was a bracelet, a one off, so how the hell did it not pass QC? My feeling at the time, and still is, is that the price went lower than it should and so they pulled the sale. This was before the dreaded 30/60 second clock which guarantees that the price does not fall beyond the profit margin.

    Also I've found the prices are getting steadily more expensive. A pair of zircon earrings I bought for my neice for her birthday went from 39.00 to 69.00 in a matter of weeks. Same earrings. That kind of hike is disgraceful, and I've stopped buying. Even the Shimoyo can't tempt me at the moment as I'm 'rock' bottom.



    That's an absolute disgrace! As you say, if the bracelet was a one off it would be the one they were showing so that means the presenter would have sat "oooing and aaahing" about how brilliant it was yet it wasn't good enough to pass QC?!!

    I totally agree about the prices - even in their "Outlet" hours some were substantially higher! So much for the recession!

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    Classic! There's another jewellery forum based in the US and it's got a thread about Shimoyo on it - not very complimentary! Most of the posters are serious collectors of gemstones who know their stuff. All are agreed they wouldn't touch an irradiated Rubellite. Guess what? Somebody with their first post has said how wonderful their 18ct Shimoyo is and that they are a true collector.

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    I got a couple of cuprian rings about three months back, at well under 100, and now I see the same size and weight going for at least 199. Maybe they are working on the Marco Pierre White principle who in the last recession actually hiked his prices up, when everyone else was discounting. :-O lol

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