Suresh PunjabiEarlier this week we reported that several sources have imformed us that they believe The Jewellery Channel in the US will shortly be disappearing from TV screens.

After much discussion on our forums, we have now received the following stament from Julian Hatteea, Marketing Director, The Jewellery Channel Ltd:

"The Jewellery Channel Ltd continues to establish itself as the number one home shopping retailer of fine jewellery in the UK. Despite the challenging trading conditions this year we are experiencing 'as expected' growth and thanks to our loyal and growing customer base we expect to see this growth continue throughout 2008 and beyond.

We look forward to thanking our customers for their loyalty by continuing to provide the widest selection of quality jewellery at the best possible prices, including bringing in some exciting new jewellery ranges for 2008".

Additionally the following comment has been given by Suresh Panjabi (right), Director of VGL Group, (parent company of The Jewellery Channel Limited)

"The success of The Jewellery Channel Ltd is strategic to The VGL Group's business plans. We look forward to supporting the continued growth of The Jewellery Channel for many years to come as it reinforces its position as the leading home shopping retailer of fine jewellery in the UK."