Have you ever thought of making your own Jewellery? Do you want to wear Jewellery that is unique to your individual style and taste? If you have, then we have just the thing for you.

On Tuesday 4th May JewelleryMaker.com will be launching on Sky channel 655.

JewelleryMaker.com was founded by Steve Bennett, C.E.O of Rocks. TV and his wife, Sarah, co-founder and head designer at Rocks TV.

This exciting new channel is dedicated to bringing you everything you need to create your own stunning genuine gemstone jewellery. Not only will JewelleryMaker.com have everything you could possibly need to get into the jewellery making hobby, but there will be guest designers who will be showing you all the techniques and tips you’ll need to get started, it really is that simple!

To find out more, tune in to SKY Channel 655 on Tuesday where Jewellery Maker will be broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days week with a friendly help team available every day from 8am to 2am.