Could the giant high street catalogue retailer ‘Argos’ be poised to make an entry into the television home shopping arena?

If information received by ShoppingTelly.com is to go by, then yes they soon could be…

Last month, etv advertised for 'a number of' producers and studio directors to launch and work on a ‘brand based’ transactional channel, a brand that ShoppingTelly.com has since learnt to be Argos.

It would not be the first time the catalogue retail store has been rumoured to be considering the launch of its own dedicated channel. Back in 2002 during the height of the shopping television boom, Argos was said to be considering such a similar move, but 'Argos TV' failed to ever materialise.

If rumours are true and the channel does launch, it would mark the first time a high-street retailer has launched a branded home shopping channel in the UK.

etv is an independent production company which has in the past produced and managed Thomas Cook's dedicated travel channel, they currently produce Gala TV.