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    Meeshoo, I always find your posts are always well balanced points of view based on very good knowledge on the subject matter xx

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    Sorry Meeshoo, but you did what you have just accused me of. I expressed an opinion and you were 'aghast' by it. You either work for JM or have shares in the company. I'm not usually dragged into petty arguments so this is the last time I shall be posting on this subject and probably the last time I shall be buying from JM. Unprofessionalism in business and rudeness in private are two of my pet hates.

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    Why is it that you feel the need to attack Supersandy? I was aghast at the original poster making unsubstantiated claims about receiving synthetics without any proof. If you think that my post was aimed at you then you need to turn the mirror and have a long hard look as to why you think that. It's interesting you don't like rudeness in private - but I guess your double standards mean you're fine if the rudeness you display is in public then? You seriously need to get a grip if you think the way to defend your comments is to say that anybody who disagrees with your viewpoint must be a plant by the company.

    Yes of course I work for JM and have tons of shares in the company, am really Steve Bennett in disguise but love wearing high heels like Sarah Bennett. Please! What a dire attempt to accuse and justify your ridiculous post. Only trolls come onto forums and decide to have a go at everybody and throw their ill mannered, rude and quite frankly stupid observations around.

    I'm sure nobody will be saddened by the loss of your custom and it's a pity this forum won't benefit from the loss also. I'm so sorry I can't stay to disagree with you for longer but I have a programme to present and troll baiting is just boring.
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