The premium postage, no quicker delivery?        


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    Default The premium postage, no quicker delivery?

    I have bought a few things with the premium postage rate, hoping to get my order very quickly, like the next day, as so many companies do. Yet it has been about 3 days for delivery, not much quicker than the standard postage.

    Considering how the premium postage rate is much more expensive then why does it take qvc so long to dispatch. I will stick to the ordinary postage in future. The premium postage is just not worth it.

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    Did you ask for a refund of your postage?

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    No but I should. Its not the extra postage cost really, its the fact that the delivery is hardly quicker. Why cant qvc get their act together with this. If they are offering premium postage, then it should be sent the same day and received by the customer the following day, just as all the other mail order companies do, amazone etc.



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