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    Default Go back to london studios

    Having rocks & co at Leamington spa is a stupid idea.Whoever decided to go there needs to be fired.
    The computers play up constantly, not enough staff at customer services, call center for personal shopping hardly open, gemstones running out or low on stock.Thats just a tip of the iceberg, what's going on with Rocks & Co ? They need to go back to london.And the management needs a major changes.

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    Personally I think they've been a bit of a shower since they started. The only really good thing about them is John Scott! Yes, they have nice designs, but am not convinced about the quality or all the hype!


    Pity, because when Debbie Cavill and Don Kogen were at GemsTV startup, they were admired and respected.

    What went wrong? :smirk:
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