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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I'm thankful Sally is working for IW now. Her You Tube Channel flogging stuff and competitions using her webcam was embarrassingly awful....
    Didn't know she had a You Tube channel I never go on it, I'm surprised it's not called Me Tube, though because that's her thing in the world that she loves the most........herself.
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    Although I would rather walk over hot coals than watch anything that Sally Jacks presents, the girl herself cannot be blamed for being in front of the camera. That should be reserved for the people who employ her, and its a sign of the times that they are probably going along the PC route with having a 'Northern lass, complete with accent' doing the honours. The picture advertising the Craft Channel, where work is going on preparing the Gallery, says it all - not one 'body' in a suit or anything that resembles professionalism, and I guess the same goes for those hiring, and producing the majority of tv programmes, shopping or otherwise these days.


    Its all about 'you guys' and a high five attitude to programming which shows the immaturity of those in charge, and resulted in the dumbing down of what we at home have to put up with on our tv screens. The tragedy is, that its only us of a certain age who realise this, as following generations have been used to it and have seen it as the norm for the past couple of decades.
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