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    colins going to end up at ideal world and mess that place up even more

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    Default Carol Roach should have been sacked years ago....She is revolting.


    Quote Originally Posted by Chess View Post
    My absolutely least favourites are Carol Roach - her of the massive ego who thinks the whole world is waiting for her to burst into "song" - and Becky Reddican who doesn't seem to realise that she is dealing with adults, and is also so very full of herself. And as for Zena and the way she behaves with Mark Smith!!!!!!!!!

    Becky should not even be on TV She has no idea in presenting and dealing with people....

    Zena is over the top I do quite like her though She has got a friendly way about her....Her hugging and kissing is way out of line !!

    There seems to be a lack of Management in the way Presenters are taught how to represent
    the Company and themselves .

    The Clearance sales are much dearer than previous years Not Cheap at all

    Sorry for Delay Time just slips by so quickly
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