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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Girl View Post
    Don’t know if it’s Julia’s underwear or if there’s a belt with her mic pack even both.
    But the fact the dress is just too fitted is the real problem, her dress just doesn’t fit like the models. I can’t be critical about size and lumps n bumps. But it’s just best not to have garments skin tight without obtaining smoothing underneath first. Julia has quoted recently is not about the size on the label that matters, but what fits best. It’s been said on more than one occasion the warehouse just don’t supply the presenters and some models with large enough sizing.
    Somehow I can’t see Ms Julia wearing something she THINKS is her size.


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    It may be that Jilly just watches it back with her family & has a bloody good laugh. I would. Remember when we all used to do that when the photos came back from Boots? I've cried from laughing before at those hilarious picks.... Just no fun anymore now, when people spend hours practising the same slutty face so they can look 'just like that' (& in their opinion so hot) in all the pics er....naturally. Eejitpricks.

    Bitch alert....my PMS is here. ****adoodledoo. Answers to my inbox from any loving Aunty/sister types (wish I had them)

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