It always 'amuses' (manical laugh), that Q give the product numbers for TV, Laptops et al so that we can 'do our own research'. On several occasions they have 'shot themselves in the foot'. Samsung TV's (unless on TSV's are invariably on offer by over 100 cheaper, eg the Samsung UE55NU7021 is only 429.99 at Argos at Q it is on at a 'special offer at 499.

The real 'gulp moment' for me though was the mark-up they had for the Lenovo laptop. On Lenovo website it was a full 120 cheaper (again Q on a feature price), yes it came with Office 2016 and an active pen, but factoring those in it seems a little over-priced (even more when the price goes back to the normal).

The less said about 'fruity tablets' the better, I really don't understand how anyone purchase these from Q!