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    Default Upgrade Forum to XenForum including Migration

    A HUGE Thank you, 12 people have already donated and we are well on our way to our target, the total currently stands at 153.

    I woild like to think I wear my heart on my sleeve and am always honest, but I did receive two emails that said "why should I bother as you are hardly ever around". I know it is the worst time of year to ask but PLEASE only donate if you enjoy the site and want it to continue.

    Yes over the past year I have taken a step back from ShoppingTelly.com, this time last year my best friend of 30 years was in and out of hospital, he lost his fight on 13th January 2019, he was only 46, I was and still am totally devastated. I sold CraftTelly.com to pay for his funeral and will be forever grateful till the day I die to Katy Sue Designs who brought the site. In August I went down to Devon to look after my friends dogs for his Husband, while I was away my partner of 5 and a half years left, putting his keys trough the leterbox, he said that I had changed since my best friend died. I did try to take my own life once, but being a fat old fool couldn't get onto the wall on the roof of Sainsbury so I'm still here.

    OK thats out there now I couldn't be more honest, my best friend often helped me on the site and would be angry if I just gave up, so here I am ........ hopefully that is a true and honest explanation.

    I would also like to make an honest commitment if we don't reach the total, I will make up the difference, we are going to be biggetr and better in 2020 and that is a promise.

    If anything good at reaching an alltime low is their is only one way to go ... and in that time I have made sure all the passwords, server details etc etc will be passed on when I eventually do shuffle off. So the site will continue, but hopefully I will be around a lot longer.

    So if you enjoy the site and have a spare 1 CLICK HERE

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    Every little helps!

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