£50 for a hairdryer! Blimey!


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Seriously? I was thinking, mmm in need of a lightweight good quality travel dryer (back up dryer) and was thinking that Ego one looks good, clicked on it and almost fell off my seat! £50!!! Not a snowballs chance in hell I'm buying that! It'll be a wee trip to Argos for me I think!
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and how much is the p and p? at least a fiver but I bet but they will be harping on about how lightweight it is. Not had Q on today yet, have a day off today and should be doing a bit of cleaning but will no doubt tune in to see what wonders they have to delight us with today!!


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and how much is the p and p? at least a fiver but I bet but they will be harping on about how lightweight it is. Not had Q on today yet, have a day off today and should be doing a bit of cleaning but will no doubt tune in to see what wonders they have to delight us with today!!

Your expectations are very high S!


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There's no way I'd spend that amount on a hairdryer.

My hairdryer 'died' on me the other evening, which was less than ideal as I'd only just started to dry my hair. I was left with soaking wet hair for several hours. Next morning, and after a trip to Tesco, I now have a new one ..... two speed, two heat settings and an eco setting and it's brilliant.

£48.90 plus P&P? Nope .... it cost me £8 and a few pence (plus clubcard points.)


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But what you are all forgetting is it "comes beautifully packaged" and according to JF at midnight would cost you £80 at most hair salons, which proves QVC aren't the only rip-off merchants!

Personally, I would say it simply blows a load of hot air - which takes us back to JF again!
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I think its a good hairdryer for the price, my hairdryer was £68 and its lasted a right few years now. This one seems to be good value.

I have bought £20 hairdryers and they've either gone on fire or the settings are either freezing cold or burning hot. I've seen much cheaper hairdryers on qvc before so they do sell them.


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I've got a fab hair-dryer.
The blower bit has the face of a duck and the stand has webbed feet
Bought it for my daughter years ago, but she's too sophisticated for it now ..... I'm not sophisticated obviously ...


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That's HIM!

He's a little gem. Don't even have to hold him :giggle:


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Buggr! It's out of stock!

Jude xx


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To me they are trying to look like GHD's in terms of look and packaging

Even the name EGO 'Every Girls Obsession' is trying to be like 'GHD' 'Good Hair Day'!!!

I wasn't tempted by this. Had a google of the brand and there were some hairdressing websites where they were getting poor reviews....


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I thought it was an odd TSV. Bloody expensive and hardly an impulse purchase at that price. I have a Babyliss hairdryer. Bought back in the day when they were really for salons only. I reckon my hairdryer must be 15 years old at least. It was expensive at the time but it's lasted well I think. :eek:)

If/When it dies I'll buy another Babyliss.

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There was an article in this week's Sunday Times Style magazine about which hair driers are the best - something about some professional ones to do with making big hair. I didn't read it properly because with the exception of one, the prices were excessive and unfortunately the binmen have just collected our papers. Someone else might have read it and be able to say which driers they were recommending.

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I used to have a duck hairdryer with the webbed feet stand, now i'm wondering what on earth ever happened to it!


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I don't even posses a hair dryer! I haven't had one for years. My hair is long and straight and I always let it dry naturally. When my hair was in a "style" when I was younger, I was obsessed with hair dryers. I remember being really frustrated with the family hair dryer when I was about 14, it was a Remington thing that had a brush attached and with the feeble puff of hot air it produced it would take about an hour to dry my hair...honestly! When I got my first saturday job, one of the first things I bought with my wages was a hairdryer, I didn't earn much, and remember only being able to buy a travel sized one,why I didn't save for a decent one...God knows! Anyway it was royal blue plastic and Remington again...it was slightly better than the old one, but got such a hammering. it burned out in a matter of months. I then requested a hairdryer for xmas and got a bright green one can't remember the make but it lasted for years. Can't be bothered now....it's just wash and leave.
And yes, £50 does seem a bit steep!


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I hate to admit to buying this I am a sucker for all things hair, but although it was a beautiful box, the hairdryer was rubbish, I have long hair, that realy needs a powerful dryer, this one just blew my hair about, a bit like being in a car with the windows down, so yes I did send it back.

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