£60 for a Marley Wynne Scarf ????


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And nothing is cheap in any of those gift shop especially Versailles
I know I thought the price was a mistake. There were quite a few bargains to be had we were all very surprised.
And nothing is cheap in any of those gift shop especially Versailles
I checked my scarf this morning and the edges are rolled.


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My grandmother taught me to sew. We would visit our local town and go into M&S where she would pick up items of clothing, take them off the hanger, turn them inside out and see how they were made. Then we would go to the local market to buy fabric and she would make her own version at home. I still check seams, hems, zips and that stripes line up before I buy anything.
My Great Aunt was a seamstress, worked for St Cuthberts (The Store) in Edinburgh. Boy, was that lady a perfectionist. I take after her and am very gifted with a needle but she would slap my efforts down lol. I like to think I have inherited her talent though. She was an amazing lady.


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