0844 why do companies use these numbers.


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I recently had to contact TJC by phone and generally my landline calls are free as part of my contract with the phone company.
If you have a query or a problem and have to phone TJC to sort it out you have to use a 0844 number which to me and many others is not free. I know that TJC offer a call back after you have been on the line for a few minutes but I never once got a call back when I used this service. The problem was not of my making and felt that it was adding insult to injury having to pay for the call .
I did email but waited several days in the end for a reply which if I am honest was not really very helpful to me. I purchased several items on their rising auction and one of them was invoiced as refunded and I wanted to know why, I wanted to know why I had a winning bid and I had been charged but no item and no explanation. Also I did think that they did not charge you till they sent out your order so how come I was charged? I did actually get through to someone in customer care and she apologised but at that time could not tell me the reason I had not received the item and I told her I would appreciate being told why an item was auctioned if it was not available for some reason? I was told that I would get that info. Days later and another email to TJC I get this morning an email saying that a refund had been given for the cost of the item and also that the reason I did not receive it : The item was not despatched as it did not pass Quality Control.
I thought it went through quality control when it was made? I have received in the past items with stones missing etc where was quality control then?
So out of pocket to the cost of phone calls and having monies taken from my bank yet to be seen back in my account and the postage to return another item that broke after one wear and the disappointment at not receiving the much wanted item it was to be matched with another item won on the same auction as a xmas present. I think the email I received was very lacking and so was the customer service.:sad:


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The phone companies give them a percentage of the call cost back, so in other words it pays them not to answer you quickly. Even worse are 0871 which make them up to 5p a minute. I have a broadband phone as well as my home line so ny company that gives me a number like 0844 to call, I give them my broadband line number which is 0844 to call me on ;-)


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I'm sorry to say that there Customer Services are appalling . I too have tried to leave my phone number for their "So called" call back service. It never happens. I spent 15 minutes on the phone the other week, just trying to get a refund for items that were missing from my order. I daren't look at my phone bill. I have also tried contacting them via email. I have written three times in the last two months, about problems which were not of my making, and have not had any response other than the initial "we will get back to you" automated reply. They certainly don't seem to value their customers any more. I'm about to try and email them once again...wish me luck...

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