5-7 working days for delivery eh?


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I seem to be lucky ( for once ) with the 5-7 day promise, partly due to a nice and very reliable lady courier. I have been a customer for 7 years and besides a couple of items that never arrived, everything has arrived before the 7th working day, with jewellery taking just 3-4.
Like watersiren I expect this service for the often high p&p charges and if things had been different or start to change, I would think very seriously about continuing to be a customer.

My courier is fantastic, she has been delivering to us for about 15 years!!! In fact when I was very ill a couple years back she brought me in flowers!! Anyway as soon as she gets the parcels she is out delivering them the same day, so delays are not on her part!!! It is all from QVC's end.

Funnily enough mum's order has now been shipped. If she hadn't called this morning I bet it would still be "in process" :rolleyes:

Their postage is not cheap so their service should be better than it is!!!

I am SO relating to this!
Ordered a Stone Mountain bag on Saturday, it is still 'in process', whatever process is required to sit on a shelf. Also a Kipling bag ordered on Sunday or Monday, forget which, has just been shipped.

I have never shopped online with any other company that does not despatch its in stock goods the next day!

I am wondering if they have cut down on their dispatch/warehouse staff to cut costs, as well as increase p&p prices.

In future shall buy from other sources whenever possible.

I have been wondering too if they have cut staff!!!
what a nightmare. i know its rubbish. my last order of the Margret Dabbs try me took 2wks nevermind days! what! like someone else said we are paying a premium price for a cheap service. qvc have their new deal with parcelnet and we are suffering! also stock levels are poor where is my matte maker!


To be fair to QVC, they do state on their web site that it can take 5 to 7 working days. But as they pointed out to me when I made a complaint that under this it does state that it may take upto 30 days.


Well not if the item you ordered is "stuck" in the system!

My mum ordered something on Sunday afternoon and when she checked her account this morning it was still showing as "in process". Usually if there is a problem with the payment card then she would have had a call by now so she called them to ask why it had not been shipped.

They checked with the warehouse and said the order was "stuck" in the system but had no explanation as to why. When she said well that means it won't arrive in the 5-7 working days you quote, when will it arrive? She was told, anytime from now until the 21st August!!!!

Charming eh? Such wonderful service they provide eh?

Once it finally gets here I think she will be e-mailing and asking for postage refund as why should she pay the cost for the delivery and it doesn't arrive in the time they state on air?

If someone doesn't have the facility to check their account online the poor couriers would be getting the blame for the parcel not arriving in time when really it is QVC at fault!!!

Im only just catching up with this thread Sazza. Im sorry to hear of the problems your mum was having with her order. I want to confirm that I have had the same thing happen to me and a few occasions where the item has become stuck in the system. You are right in what you say the 5-7 days wont be correct because when does it exactly start from?? August 21st!!!

What I did is told the CC to send a message to the warehouse and release it on the system immediately, they tell me it usually takes 24 hours to release it on the system and then it goes through its packing and picking stage.

I have not read the whole thread yet, but I hope the item has now been released and your mum has either recieved the item or its on its way to her ASAP .


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Well after mum's phone call to QVC on Wednesday the item was shipped that day and courier delivered it today!!!! So why oh why can't QVC get their act together and get things shipped soon after order and arriving with customer within a few days?


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I have made a huge effort not to buy so much from qvc - but the few things I have bought,I have come much quicker than previously.

I thought they were actually begining to take notice of people and getting things out quicker,as I've read people commenting on reviews,that their orders are coming quicker.

I used to wait over 7 days for my orders - and I live in london - not some unheard,unearthly place.

Whether the parcel comes in 2 or 7 days however - I think the p&p is a disgusting price - I cannot understand where they get their prices from.So I think its terrible your parcel is held up or stuck in the system after paying a premium postage price.


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Well after mum's phone call to QVC on Wednesday the item was shipped that day and courier delivered it today!!!! So why oh why can't QVC get their act together and get things shipped soon after order and arriving with customer within a few days?

they really need a better way of shipment, thats for sure

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Slightly off topic I think but..

I ordered a computer from a firm in Portsmouth ( i live in Barrow in Furness ) yesterday at 3pm - it arrived today at around 3pm. Oh and free P&P to....

Love A'kin

Posted this yesterday (15th)

My Leg Magic is still showing "in process". :( Don't they know about my blancmange thighs?!

This is a little weird...now it says it was dispatched on the 12th!

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