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I wanted to apologise for the amount of banner advertising that Non VIP Members are currently seeing, due to Covid 19 advertising has dropped significantly, even ITV have seen their advertising during the pandemic drop by 40%. Obviously I am doing all I can so that can come out the other side.

If you really hate the ads, don't forget you can become a VIP for just £10, that is LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, and you will be totally ad free, To become a VIP you do have to be a registered member, you don't have to post but you have to register. Once you are registered just click on your username at the top the click on Account Upgrades you will then see the option the become a VIP.

I you really don't want to register for whatever reason but would still like to help and could spare a £1 to keep the site going, just use the QR CODE below:


Until September 14, 2020, PayPal are waiving transaction fees when you use a QR code, alternatively you can use our PayPal email which is [email protected].

Thank you so much for your continued support.
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We get it, advertisements are annoying, however without them this forum would cease to exist.

Members of can go TOTALLY AD FREE, VIP LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP is just £10!

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