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Just had an e-mail saying that Alan & Barry's Crafts has ceased to trade. Whilst I thought they were 'over the top' a lot of the time, they did make Craft interesting and not just card-making. You could nearly always have a laugh at them, and their enthusiasm for all types of crafting shone through. I just hope they have not lost much money, and that they might make a come back at some point. They were infinitely more worth watching than some of the so-called experts on shopping tv these days.


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I agree and wish them well. They were always fun & Alan was genuinely creative - trying things out on the hoof & encouraging us to play. Also, as you say, a much wider variety of crafts were shown - today it's almost all card making & even then most of it's CDs & stick on toppers. There seem to be very few genuine creative people on the channel now - Barbara Gray & Sheena Douglas are exceptions - but whatever happened to Glenda Waterworth? I used to love her stuff - always arty & individual.

Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
just remembered last i heard, one of them was 'missing'....has he been found safe and well now then?

Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
nobody's must be a secret! :wink:

Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
I found I'm denied access to that page. Why might that be please?

you need to be a VIP member to access that area....requires a small donation :wink:


J'adore Labrador
A kilo of battenburg to MrsJames should suffice

BTW it was Alan who went missing, but he was found and hospitalised

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