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Not sure if this link may help anyone?
It’s via Martin Lewis Moneysaving expert website and it’s called a Beauty down-shifting challenge...

Basically compiled lists of “beauty dupes” - the Aldi section seems to focus most on make-up but does include some creams and serums etc.
Some useful links and comparisons to the higher-end brands they’re copying! X

Brand-new beauty dupes available at Aldi
Here's a comparison of what’s available in stores or online now, dependent on stock, and how much extra you’d pay for the similar big-name near-equivalent. I've noted below where products have been confirmed as cruelty-free and/or vegan – where I've not indicated either way, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't, I’ve just not had confirmation.

Unsurprisingly, new Aldi dupes are the ones that sell out the fastest online (though you'll hopefully still find some of them in stores), which perhaps shows how many people out there have caught the bug for downshifting.”

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