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I love Christmas & my decorations are some of my favourite possessions. However, that is hideous & I'd be worried that it would get tipped over onto the cat or grandchild. Our home is 1930s & the ceiling height is 9 feet so with the exception of part of the hall we couldn't have anything like him indoors & outdoors would mean a lot of stick from our neighbours!

I don't think I know anybody who would have room inside their homes to display something like this, and fgs, where would you store the damned thing for the rest of the year? Keep in the garage or outhouse if you've got room perhaps. And if you keep the thing outside then it's open to the elements/theft etc unless of course you're in a gated estate/ mansion. Could imagine this sort of thing might be good to hire if you're throwing some kind of extravagant " Winter Wonderland" party but I think this idea is particularly unlikely a scenario in the current climate of Covid. Like most people my christmas decorations are stored away in a cupboard in the attic...This would need it's own attic..let alone cupboard. Ridiculous thing for anyone to buy even if they've got the money to waste!


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Well, I suppose its aimed at the likes of the Beckhams (the British version of the Kardashians 🤭 🤭 ) who are addicted to soshal meeja, and just create photos for their 'adoring' ha ! ha ! fans.

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