Alison, it's a stye, not a style!


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She just answered someone's message on the beauty insider show on how best to treat a stye on her eye. She answered how to treat a 'style' several times! For someone who comes across as a know all it was funny that she didn't know what it was really called 😂 This came straight after she talked about 'all her gorgeous genders.' I don't find her likeable at all I'm afraid.
And the other day she said “ it’s suitable for all sexes “ 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴 Alison have a word with yourself… like now lol
And the other day she said “ it’s suitable for all sexes “ 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴 Alison have a word with yourself… like now lol
Men and women then.

Shes just said that all those men who identify as a man can wear this lip product that Derius is selling. She is so irritating!

Is Derius that bloke in a pink suit with awful makeup on the TSV recently? I can't remember the brand, sorry.
It must be so hard for her trying to make sure she does not slip up and just use normal language when talking about people. This can also be used by men as well as women.:eek:
Yes,failing to be inclusive,Qvc now on the 'woke bandwagon'!🙄 Awfelia was at it last week,she's learned a new sentence,bless. Talking about a green plain jumper she asked the BA
'could men wear this too?' They're hiring at KFC Chiswick,fingers crossed folks 😉
She certainly hasn’t got style as this ridiculous outfit proves


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"All sexes"? Why, how many are there then?

There always used to be just two.

Of course, there still are just two if you're a normal person. If you're a member of the wokerati, though, there are at least 72 plus that good old-fashioned fallback for those who argue against the two sexes, intersex - which is very basically one of the two sexes with a mix of characteristics from either. Try arguing with a wokey about it, though, and you'll soon be "educated" on how it's another gender and "proof" that people can change sex. Which we all know is impossible.

Your sex shouldn't come into self telly. If a bloke decides to use makeup that's up to him. Alison should just concentrate on how a shade is suitable for a certain skin tone. Her blathering on about "beautiful" black skin and "any gender" makes her look a little bit thick and certainly not the "qualified beauty expert" she touts herself to be.

I do appreciate that some here have met her and found her likeable and straightforward. I just wish she'd grow a backbone and not pander. Stick to the facts and the properties of the product you're selling. She probably has enough clout through her sales to tell the bigwigs she's not going out there and making an idiot of herself.

Do the bigwigs gain any more sales at all from her sputtering nonsense about genders? If anything she'll have turned off some viewers from the biggest sales group. QVC need to be aware of the backlash retailers like The Body Shop are getting from alienating grown women (in the main) who drive most of their sales. Idiots!

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