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So here we go...

- Free phone number :p 0800 001 4250

- Falling prices remain, same graphics as before, same colours, studio is the same

Market price - "we feel is a good price for you here"

Products may have a reserve price - if they drop below that then you may miss out, the presenters don't know what the reserve price is

First item is a mother of pearl ring with a market price of £16.00 and sold for 1p - well actually no it didn't they had 2 and sold 1 but because it went lower than the reserve my understanding is that the drop is null and void and "better luck next time" caption came on the screen

P&P still at £7.99 for a ring tut tut

its all about playing the game, they are going to have some fun and Jeopardy

item 2 was a crystal cross pendant & 4 sets of earrings (quantity of 2) with a market price of £15.00 - sold for £6.74 + £7.99 P&P = £14.73 hmmmmmmmmm bargain or what eh 27p saving at ome just grab it "winner" caption came up

item 3 was a tiger glass laser block (quantity of 3) with a market price of £14.00 - sold for £0.06 + £7.99 p&p - but it went below the reserve so better luck next time this item is null and void

and on that note I'm already bored to death by the new changes

They have been live for almost 30 minutes and so far 2 of the 3 items were null and void as the price went lower than the reserve price so they have sold 2 crystal pendant and earring sets for £6.74 + £7.99 p&p


This has to be the end for price drop now and why would anyone think its fun to see something they like call up the free phone number and watch the price fall then be told oh well it went below our secret reserve price so better luck next time this drop is null and void
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Some early feedback on Perfume Pete's facebook page

Hi Peter, what is happening to the shopping channels? Just turned on to the New Price Drop. Glad to see that the phone calls are now free but the postage charges are terrible, they now have only a very small limited amount of items and if they don't all sell then no one gets the item they have phoned in for. Not good, get back to the old way. Sorry to put this on your page but know other people will see this and maybe respond.

Thats mad what's the point in phoning in for something if u don't end up with it waste of time also p and p has gone up again just tuned into ideal world and one of bid tv presenters is on there selling a Hoover lol everyone's leaving sit up

Bring back the old pricedrop they are going to lose a whole lot of viewers i know its not your fault peter but its no good now

It's complete and utter shambles! I don't like it one bit. Relying on other viewers to come in and get it too otherwise you don't get it, waste of time if you ask me, And who's great idea was that? I for one won't be shopping on price drop anymore. P&P is atrocious as well. Get back to the drawing board directors or you will have no people shopping with you anymore!!

I have spent a lot of money over the last 6 years on pricedrop and bid but i wont be shopping there any more only watch u peter as u are my fav presenter x

1 person simply said Madness!

on price drop's facebook page

What ever have you done, people with out a landline still pay for the call, we will not be buying any more, because you cannot guarantee getting the item

Oh well u lost me and a buyer

I think that's a good point about non BT phone calls still having to pay the additional charges but getting nothing


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Fair play to Sit-Up. They seem to slowly but surely removing the dodgy tactics.

First with Shop At Bid. They removed the artificially limited stock and aren't rushing customers and pressuring them to buy immediately now they've removed their clocks. Bid also removed their ludicious £1.58 just for the phone call, since the no call back now makes the call a very, very reasonable 20p for most customers. Variable P&P too seems to very slowly be coming into play; slowly more items have the bit more reasonable £5 P&P charge.

Now with Price Drop; free phone calls? Awesome stuff. Dunno what to think of the "either we sell everything, or no one can buy it" model. I guess it makes it more "fun"? I can imagine it annoying the piss out of their 4 regular customers though.

Credit where due, they're improving, and it's been good so far. Now if they can resist bending the truth with some items...
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An insult to human intelligence imo! Who wants to play silly games when you're trying to buy something - I could half understand someone taking a gamble, having a go if you like at buying something like an ipod, but to have a pair of bloody trousers you may or may not win is frankly ludicrous and a complete and utter waste of time, I'd rather go to a proper online retailer or high street store and buy the trousers I want..I don't want to have to fartarse around with phone calls, watch the presentation to find out if my quest for the polyester slacks have been successful or not!!!!!!

Web deals are even more of an insult the price is one fecking penny less than the start price and p&p's still a whopping £7.99 ...set of tube socks that regularly sold for 1p on the old regime are now £9.99 ...Jeez they must think we're stupid, you'd have to be to buy anything from there. Hope they go, and good riddance!

cheeky chappie

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I quite like that I'll bid ... doh below reserve ... sale null and void, ah well maybe I'll get the next item I like.

(5 mins later)

I quite like that I'll bid ... doh below reserve ... sale null and void, ah well maybe I'll get the next item I like.

(5 mins later)

I quite like that I'll bid ... doh below reserve ... sale null and void, ah well maybe I'll get the next item I like.

(5 mins later)

I quite like that I'll bid ... doh below reserve ... sale null and void, ah well maybe I'll get the next item I like.

(5 mins later)



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Here is some more feedback people have left on Peter's Facebook page

please everybody give Peter a rest and complain on BID UP page I have just done this its not his fault that both channels are now utter rubbish Still love your perfume Peter

Liking this new Price drop with Justin , free phone call , bonus :)

its only free phone call to people on BT landline,,im on virgin so may have to pay,i had a message off them and they said they can only gaurentie people on BT to get phone call free, the reply this person got was...Aplogies - we've received further clarification to say that the existing wording is being used as we can only guarantee that it is free from a bt landline as some network providers do charge for 0800 numbers, so please check with your provider to confirm.
Regards, Bid Social Media

I will not but again until the ridiculousness of bidding and then being told you can't have the goods is removed. I am reporting this practice to the Trading Standards Commission anyway , as I belive PD cannot post prices on TV that the channel has no intention of selling at. Sorry to have to put this on your thread as you are not to blame , Peter ,but something needs to be said.

write this on bids fb,so they know

I don't bother writing anything on the bid site...from experience ,.they either simply take the comments off , or debar you from posting . They do not like critisism on their site, which is why we all post our moans to Peter , Sally and co , who activly ask for commets., and let you say them even if they personally disagree (or dare not say for fear of losing their jobs).

they can use this format as it's classed as an invitation to treat and not a binding offer until both parties agree i.e. you make the call and price drop says 'winner'.

...yes but you are not allowed to show prices lower than anyone can obtain...and this is what they are doing. To make this legal they have to show the reserve price IN are correct that they can turn ONE person down under the invitation to tre rules , but showing a price that NOBODY can obtain is totally illegal (and nothing to do with invitation to treat).By allowing their falling prices to go below an unspecified reserve price they are law incomplient My parents and aunt/ Uncle are shopkeepers , i know this law very, very well.

In any case, it would probably benefit them if the 'auction' just closed once the reserve had been met instead of wasting time. 30 minutes without selling 1's worse than what speed auction achieved!

That would make it legal , Ben , i agree....both channels are now irritating customers and it is them who will lose out. Unfortunately , Peter and others jobs depend on a sucessful , liked channel.

In fact you are correct, I apologise, as under the same law, there needs to be an intention to make a deal and once the reserve has been reached, price drop are not willing to make a deal.

No need to apaoogise ...the law is complicated...there is your point, plus th fact they are advertising once the dropping price has fallen below the reserve , at a price they will not sell to anyone at. Totally illegal on both counts.

I feel sorry for the remaining hosts. They must be under so much pressure to sell just as we the buyers have to cringe watching them. This is not entertainment.!!!, I was drawn to sit up channels in the early days because of the fast format and witty hosts. That worked so well attracting more and more viewers when there was nothing else on the telly and other shopping channels were boring, The crowning glory was the diversity of the hosts humour and personality they tempted us to buy. Sit up Channels, Sit up and listen to you regular customers.

New price drop not good. I won't be bothering with it if I keep trying to buy something then end up with nothing. No phone charge good but p and p still a lot.

My god can't believe how much you and myself hate what they have done to a successful shopping channel come comady show .Sally and both peters are my favourite presenters , and could watch you all day , but sorry wont be shopping with you anymore x

I will also point out that I've not been selective here, So far I've posted every post on Peter's page and 1 has been positive about the free call


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Some feedback on the pricedrop Facebook page

What ever have you done, people with out a landline still pay for the call, we will not be buying any more, because you cannot guarantee getting the item.

Oh well u lost me and a buyer

I usually try my best to be positive on the facebook page but honestly, what on earth were you thinking of with this new Price Drop? I mostly like the changes on Bid-TV but i'm afraid this is absolutely awful, you're a shopping channel not a roulette channel, free call or not. What a silly, silly idea.

So somebody thought this was a good idea did they? For anybody who is willing to pay £7.99 postage, take the time to make the phone call, and not to mention actually want the item being sold just to be told you can't have it is like a slap in the face. I'm not wasting my time and effort anymore, I'll go and buy what I want from a reputable shop where all customers are welcomed.

If you are a winner you can get a seriously good bargain!

I wish I could believe that Ramona, but over the years I have found on quite a few occasions, by the time you've paid for the p+p things can be cheaper in the shops. when this has happened I've been gutted and a bit angry. I really think that now is defo the time to call it a day.

Just a good old fashioned waste of time, can't be bothered - another customer lost!


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here is the last hour of sales...

next up a mini ironing board - better luck next time

The latest of the twister mops are back complete with the £9.99 p&p - how does that justify £2 more


5 available

The idea of the game is for 4 more people to come in and lock the price, You know your getting a real bargain here ( actually we don't anymore that's the problem)

drops to £4.99

We need all 5 people in to make everyone a winner

Your up against everyone in the uk and also the winning price, if this drops to £4.79 will that still be a winning price or a losing price?

if you ring in now you will get in and hopefully be a winner with those others already in but I need everyone in to lock it up

OFGS and after all that better luck next time

now its the better of those decorative fairy figurines with the latest of the colour changing LED balls in pink

price £22

8 available

2 sell at £21.99

plunges to £14.99

trickles down to £14.65 - another "sold"

trickles down to £12.83 then plunges to £11.99 - another "sold"

plunges to £9.99 - another sold :O

and another


24ct gold plated stainless steel curb chain is up next


14 available - relatively high quantity for this time of night says Mark

take a look at the puddle of gold this creates, seriously your buying something that's the bees knees, 1 of the most popular items of men's jewellery we have ever done

plunges to £34.99

lock it my friends or lose it, lock it or lose it

this locked out at just under £30 earlier so lets aim for that - this item may not have a reserve on it and may go all the way to 1p I don't know

trickles down to £30.47 - 1 sold

trickles down to £29.82 - 1 sold

plummets down to £2.05 and better luck next time wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

isn't this so exciting at ome, I'm on the edge of my seat
colour changing LED touch lamp


6 available

1 sells

plunges to £12.99 - another sells

price trickles to £12.21 - sold out

Decorative glass peacock plant stand

£29 - oh that's cheap, how are we doing it for that

8 available

If I don't get 8 people or it drops below a certain price and I don't know what that price is then everyone loses

£28.99 - 1 sold - i'm looking for 7 more to join you to lock this up - you have to sit and trust the rest of the price drop audience, you have to hope they can see the value like you can

plunges to £21.99

trickles to £20.02 - 2 more sold

unless your all in then everyone will miss out, you need to judge it correctly

unless 5 more come in then they all go back to the warehouse and we get a wahh wahh wahh

trickles to £15.45 - another sold

plunges to £12.99

sells out at £12.97

see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil is next :p


5 available

£16.99 - 1 sold :O - you need 4 friends though

another sold :O

how low can it go and still be a winning price? you have to judge it right

price plunges to £9.99 - another sold

Unless 2 more join you I can't make you an official winner - the reserve may be £1 or 1p I don't know - some people said earlier its not fair but you have lost nothing by calling up that's the fun of it

trickles to £8.49 then plunges to £7.49 - another sold

£7.48 may be a losing price

6pc LED flowers

7 available

£15.99 - 2 sold

prices plunges to £11.99

to £9.99 - another sold , whatever price it goes to if I don't get 5 more in they go back to the warehouse, that's not me being mean that's just what we do now

trickles to £9.86 - another sold

what if £9.50 is a winning price but £9.49 is a losing price

trickles to £8.82 - sold out and we have another winner
magnetic torch

10 available

lock it or lose it

plunges to £3.99 - 0 sold

plunges to £0.99 - 0 sold

trickles to £0.28 - 0 sold

plunges to £0.01 - 1 sold

I think your winners but are you only winners if all 7 come in, - yes your only a winner if everyone comes in

Still not gone about 2 mins later

sold out at 1p - WINNER
old tupton butterfly vase


10 available

if you get in now you can be 1 of our 10 potential winners but I need 10 people to lock it or lose it

plunges to £24.99 - 1 gone before the plunge took place

trickles to £24.33

If for instance 7 of 10 come in nobody wins, if 8 come in nobody wins, I need 10 before we hit our losing price

plunges to £22.99 - another sold

plunges to £21.97

whats the difference between a winning price and a losing price? I want you to be a winner

trickles to £21.47

price is against us but so is time on this 1, you need to be quick lock it or lose it

Plummets to £11.47 and better luck next time

tell your friends about brand new price drop says Mark

and that's it for tonight price droppers

Hope you enjoyed the last hour of madness report
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Some more facebook feedback from perfume Pete's page

I'll keep following you on Facebook Peter but, sorry, I've broken my habit of watching Bid and Price-Drop

Ditto x

Boring isn't it?!

Same here, I think they've ruined the channels so I don't watch or buy any more. None of the presenters look comfortable. They must have lost a lot of customers, me included.

tried watching the new price job about one hour ago & found it so annoying !! Won't be putting myself out to watch it again & am sure the management are breaking the law,having myself worked in Retail for 32 years !!!!
I love watching Peter on TV . When we having some more Men's Fragrances ???

some pricedrop facebook feedback - nothing new to report but on bid's there is a mixture about price drop and bid...

do you listen to your customers please bring back the old format 0n price drop and bid what you have done is not right you have upset a lot of customers

I watched Price drop for 10 minutes last night and I must be completely stupid because I don't understand it at all :(

What have they done to PriceDrop? It's awful. You think you've bought the item then they tell you 'sorry you haven't got it' because not all of them were sold or it went below the reserve price! Who thought of that great idea?

Unfortunately i still get the channels on sky but as i have no interest in it now i couldnt care less.The bargains are no longer there and the stuff you are selling now can be bought much cheaper in many stores.

enjoying new pricedrop

So only if you have a HD Freeview box can you watch Pricedrop? Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of that. I didn't think it could get much worse and shows that customers' comments have not been listened to. As stated above you have ruined what was two very good, entertaining and unique channels. As a shopping channel, l would have thought that the bigger the audience, the better? Can l ask why the HD only decision was made Bid TV?

I don't like this new bid shop and wont be using you again after 14 years I loved bid tv but not bid shopping you have RUINED IT plz bring the old bid t.v back

I used to buy lots from both channels but don't even want to watch now as all the entertainment's gone and can only watch on the main tv in the house


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They were told not to have guide prices years ago now they are trying it again under a different guise...they are just heading for more trouble with the ASA.


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Hi all,
Having not watched Price-Drop for a couple of days, its called having a life (well a bit of one at least), thought I would just flick over, er what have they done? 'the brash' has just explained what the format is and posed it as a 'gameshow' format. I mean if you want 'the tat' in the first place then surely you should be able to get it, and not be told 'sorry you can't have it' because it has gone below this 'mythical' reserve price. As others have said surely this is bordering on being 'illegal' in the normal sense of retail shopping? I suppose though they will have sorted it out with their 'legal department', well the 16 year old trainee that probably passes of as their legal department!
As others have also said, the presenters are clearly uncomfortable, the 10 minutes I watched I don't think anyone watched even phoned through. Just when you think think they can't sink any lower.....!


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Hi all,
Having not watched Price-Drop for a couple of days, its called having a life (well a bit of one at least), thought I would just flick over, er what have they done? 'the brash' has just explained what the format is and posed it as a 'gameshow' format. I mean if you want 'the tat' in the first place then surely you should be able to get it, and not be told 'sorry you can't have it' because it has gone below this 'mythical' reserve price. As others have said surely this is bordering on being 'illegal' in the normal sense of retail shopping? I suppose though they will have sorted it out with their 'legal department', well the 16 year old trainee that probably passes of as their legal department!
As others have also said, the presenters are clearly uncomfortable, the 10 minutes I watched I don't think anyone watched even phoned through. Just when you think think they can't sink any lower.....!

I think you may find they have several more LOWER floors to go before they reach rock bottom, but they seem to be heading downward at a very fast pace - long may it continue. Yaaaaaay.:mysmilie_17:


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most things seem to be selling out now even with higher quantities so some on another forum have suggested maybe they are helping the quantity along themselves so for about 90 minutes I watched the buyers, have a read and see what you think, When we used to buy it was very rare to buy more than 1 item at once, some people below have tried to buy 3, 4 or 5 items in the 90ish minutes I watched

LED Colour Changing Rose Touch Lamp £19
1 person in straight away before it even started
3 flew out
1 left at £13 and pennies

Valerie from GOREBRIDGE
Alan from WICKFORD
Edna from NEWPORT
12V Heated Travel Mug £8
6 available
Mary from CARDIFF was strite in
Web Bidder £4.39
Marie from HARWICH £3.75
Claudette from WOLVERHAMPTON £3.66
Ted from OXFORD put a bid on the site £3.08
Supersize Grape Mink Faux Fur Throw £27
4 available
Michelle from WEYMOUTH has put a bid in
in at £27 was Dyan from BIRMINGHAM
£15.47 in is Lynne from KILGETTY
£12.99 Claudette from WOLVERHAMPTON & Bill from DURHAM
Remote Control Vanilla No Flame Candles £19
10 available

£14.99 - 4 straight in
Veronica from SUNDERLAND
Jayne from CHESTER

another 2
Joannis from RUISLIP
Kathleen from BRISTOL

Marilyn from EXETER

Wilna from PRESTON
Kenneth shane from CAERNARFON
Alzahangir from LEICESTER
Outdoor Garden 2 Birds in Bird Bath £21
7 available
hmmmm Dyan from BIRMINGHAM straight in - look above
joins still at full price Linda from BENFLEET
Doris from PORT TALBOT joins the party
£14.13 - Christine from SWINDON

£12.99 Diane from EBBW VALE
Shaun from SELBY
a few pence cheaper David
MHP 2PK Black Silicone Multi Pan Lid Set £22
7 available
Alison from LANARK has a web bid in

£12.99 Jean from BELLSHILL
Marion from BATHGATE
£12.06- Eileen from BEDFORD
£9.99- Susan from READING
Doris from CARDIFF
£8.78 Maureen from BRISTOL
bit cheaper and the last 1 sells
2 function rechargeable LED light £21
8 available

all have web bids in
Janet from FAKENHAM
Zahid from BRADFORD
Helena from STOKE-ON-TRENT

Jeffrey from AMLWCH straight in at the start price
£12.64 - New Buyer
£11.99 - Suzanne from MAIDENHEAD
Peter from SWINDON
£10.99 - Phyllis from PETERBOROUGH
£10.46 Barbara from DUDLEY
£10ish Janet is the final 1 in and another sell out
Metal Rounded Silver Halogen Lamp £65
5 available
Christine from PLYMOUTH has a web bid in

£33.97 - Melanie from BIRMINGHAM
£32.91 - Robert from PONTEFRACT
£31.99 - Lilian from GATESHEAD
2 more in and its sold
3PC Zebra Print Double Duvet Set £20
14 available
this is interesting Claudette from WOLVERHAMPTON was on the buyers or bidders board then vanished

drops to £14.99 and guess who's straight in? yeah Claudette from WOLVERHAMPTON

£9.88 June from WREXHAM so we won't be sending her any - classic Andy H line there
£8.88 Linda from GLASGOW
Ann from NEWRY
Andrew from NEWPORT
Robert from MANCHESTER
£8.53 - Grace from FARNBOROUGH
£8.10 - Jane from ACCRINGTON
Petrona from SHEFFIELD
£7.99 - Georgina from LONDON

cant see the rest as the board is full
Rosa Benini Leather Patch Bag & Purse £17
14 available

£8.13 - New Buyer
£8.04 - New Buyer
£7.79 - Web Bidder
£7.58 - Phyllis from PETERBOROUGH
£7.49 - John from WARRINGTON
Julie from WATFORD
Glenys from WREXHAM so we won't be sending them to you sorry
£7.45 - Yvonne from MILFORD HAVEN
Ross from DUNDEE
Sheila from GILLINGHAM
can't see the rest
RCR 6PC Opera Tea Glasses 8cm
looks who's in again on the next drop

Elsie from OLDHAM
Tajinder from SMETHWICK
Claudette from WOLVERHAMPTON is she the latest of the Lee?'s

Garden Round Peacock Wind Chimes £22 sold for £9.55 with 11 available
Carol from HAVANT
Linda from BENFLEET
New Bidder
Colin from WELSHPOOL
Gloria from BRISTOL
Maureen from MALDON
Albert from CRAWLEY
New Buyer

some of those names look familiar to me, what do you think?

Cream Mink Faux Fur Throw £27 sold for £11.97 with 11 available
stite in Lynne from KILGETTY

Ann from GLASGOW
New Buyer
Donna from BELFAST
Andrew from LIVERSEDGE
New Buyer
New Buyer
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Think we are starting to see the U-turn as tonight we have the launch of the £10 winners club

first up is a £125 watch and the phones have been locked, they have 3

"We didn't even get chance to show you how many it went so fast"

It didn't go live on the site either
Walther Glas Carmen Satin Rose Bowl £20
20 available
£10 - phones locked
This 1 is available on the site fancy that

What feels like a month later they still had 6 left so it dropped to £8.79 and locked with 4 left BUT they were still winners so it looks like the sell out to lock the drop has been ditched
LED Colour Changing Rose Touch Lamp £19
12 available
sold for £9.09 and sold out
Rosa Benini Leather Patch Bag & Purse £17
35 available
2PK Egyptian Cotton Sunflower Bath Sheet £18
10 available and sold for £10
GUND Crawl With Me Turtle £35
4 available
sold for? £10
Set of Two Crystal Gift Sets £18
6 available
sold for £10
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Let's see whether they keep their words.
The real success of a business lies in what is promised is what's delivered and that in reasonable price!

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