Alpha H founder Michelle passes away


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How very sad, she seemed such a lovely person. Sincere Condolences to Michelle’s family and friends.

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I just wanted to say, I'm upset to read of the passing of Michelle Doherty. She always came over as a very genuine person. And loved the little jokes between her and Tom . how he plied her with wine to stop her finding out how much Alpha was giving away in a TSV (so that she would sign it off). . Some years ago I remember her not attending a TSV as she was helping her daughter who had just given birth to twins. She was Straight forward and no nonsense, Lovely lady . Very much missed.
Very much hope Alpha H continue.


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Hi everyone not posted for a while but I have been reading the forum lots. I have read on social media that Michelle Doherty has died after a two year fight with cancer.


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When I saw the title of this thread, I was so sad. Michelle has always stood out as a brand owner of integrity. Very unassuming, but purposeful and knowledgeable. I felt she was the embodiment of the brand's ethos and principles.

Cancer in all its forms is a cruel indiscriminate disease. It sounds as if it progressed very rapidly. She was far too young to be taken.

I think we had commented on her most recent appearances about her hair, and an appearance of being on steroids, which did lead to a worry she might have cancer. No hint was made during the shows. It was never about Michelle, always about the brand she believed in so strongly she bought it, and her mission to help others have better skin.

Her family, her Alpha-H team, her friends have lost a fine woman from their lives. My heart goes out to them. But she leaves a wonderful legacy and I hope they can take some comfort from that.

R.I.P. Michelle Doherty.

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