Am I alone with my problems?


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hi everyone, wondered how many of you are having major problems with JM. I keep getting emails telling me that my order hasn't been dispatched and when I ring to find out why I am told they couldn't get their money from my debit card. How this happens I do not know as when you place the order they take what is known as a validation payment to check that you have the funds available. I ordered gems a couple of weeks ago I got so angry with the people on the phone that I cancelled my order, I then had to get my bank to get me the payment back, which they did. Now it is all happening again believe it of not they are still 'picking my gems' from last Wed 25th July. I have just blasted them on the phone again Please tell me that it isn't just me. Roz


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I loved this channel, but the last two or three months have been total pants. I've given up on them sadly and now haven't ordered for about six weeks. As I was making to sell I was ordering around £300-£400 per month. Now I know this is probably small fry in their grand scheme but it was regular and, I don't know about anyone else, but this is the sort of custom I nurture and wouldn't dream of treating them in the way JM have been trating their customers of late. Broken gems, used kits, incorrect descriptions, non delivery, very slow service, no response to e-mails. I cannot think of one aspect of the business that isn't wrecked. You are most certainly not on your own DB, the FB page has moved on from a sycophant's heaven to a long list of woes, with just a small hardcore who won't allow a bad word to be said (they are now known as the JM Police - lol), I can only assume that they're either staff or people who buy infrequently and have been lucky. I'm not even watching the programmes now, with one or two exceptions such as Rachel and her amazing wirework and Debbie with her stunning all round talents, and the appalling Vicki Carr who is presenting a lot now, and even these smashing designers aren't worth sitting through that for. Such a shame as I can't see how they are managing as they'll run out of newbies when they realise what they're getting into. Can't express my disappointment sufficiently. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Welcome to the forum. x
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I haven't watched for a long time now, shame its come to this. I think that is Steve's business plan, great CS and price initially then no care. Build up some customer base, get them to recommend friends and when they think they have enough free advertisement get the real business plan in action!!! Thats what happened with rocks tv too!

Argey hope you haven't stopped making, its a lovely hobby.


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No way BB, it'd take a lot more than this to stop me making. There's plenty out there and I've been happily buying elsewhere from folk who appreciate the business whether they're large or small businesses. Just miss the programmes as I did with Rocks and old Gems. Had fun today spending too much on TJC though. Loads of little cheapo watches with manky beads that I can restring into something posher and a couple of rather nice Artisan Crafted gemstone shamballas - a little different to the usual. I'm still struggling with them myself, can make the actual bracelets okay but just can't finish off neatly, I think my trouble is that even after glueing and/or stitching, my brain just won't let me cut the spare thread right up to the knot - so cowardly. xxxxxxxxxxx

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I have been very tempted by tjc today but have been good! Glad to hear you have found other source and are continuing to make jewellery.

Keep practicing and you will get perfect finish. I use very sharp craft scissors (one you use for de coupage) to go close to the knot xxxxxxxxxxx


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I have been watching JM almost from its inception but have never had the courage to actually buy any thing.
My hands are not as mobile as they used to be so I think that put me off as well
I just don't have the knowledge or skills I feel I would need to make anything worth while.
I could string a few beads on to some elastic but think I would soon get board just doing that and any way just how many stretchy bracelets can one person need?
Even if I gave them away I would still be left with lots of bits I couldn't use.

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