Amit stop presenting.


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What is the point of having a so called presenter sitting like some dumb puppet whilst Amit prattles on about how wonderful the 96th drop in price is and thats about all i can understand from him. How much time do they think people want to watch the same item for, it beggars belief and it sends me to the remote control pretty quick. I cant be the only person that thinks it is awful can i.:mysmilie_17:


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I genuinely can't understand a word he says.


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I agree mr.marple,i cant understand anything he says apart from the price. I often wonder why they employ the likes of Miss Gundersen who would be better employed as ground crew at heathrow directing the planes as she waves her arms and hands constantly . Mark gould who talks rubbish and looks like he should be marched to the headmistress office to have a good scrub and told to stop biting his nails on screen. Stacey who talks too fast and seems to be unable to demonstrate necklaces unless they have a magnetic clasp.Laura who talks to everyone as if they are the same age as her children who she never stops talking about ooh and her mum and nan also.

mr tom

A new era? same old sh#t.
Do they still have the adverts designed to promote that Amit gets to put himself in adverts?

T Lee Lee

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yes.he's tjc m.d now so whatever he wants to do he can and we have to put up with it all

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