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Piers Morgan threatens to FIRE Andi Peters after he 'fat shames' the GMB host in chat about National Pie Week



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I don't care for Piers Morgan, but Andi Peters never seems to stop for a moment and consider how obnoxious his "humour" is.

It's all of a piece with the awful way he treats the QVC food guests. I bet their hearts sink when they know they are featured on the food fest show, as they will be humiliated as much as AP can get away with (which is as far as he wants, seemingly).

And referring to this overblown ego as "cheeky"... that's a cheek in itself.
I think it speaks volumes for those who do the hiring. I wont call them youngsters, but clearly are of the same immature mindset.

Sadly today we don't seem to have any 'maturity' in the hierarchy of most big organisations, - the NHS dont have anyone overall in charge to make professional decisions, Parliament were all acting like big kids in the playground for 3 years, the BBC are in meltdown, if there are 'talking heads' on the news channels being challenged about performance, all you see are looks of rabbits caught in the headlights.

Maturity on the shop floor has disappeared, go into a shop and the assistants in the majority are disinterested apart from promoting store cards, on and on it goes.

So QVC are the same. Couldn't give a monkeys about the behaviour of presenters as long as those sales are clocking up on the computer in front of them.
Brissles, I absolutely think the same as you. All the courtesy has gone too.

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